HP Pavilion dv6000 Won't turn on/Black Screen [Solved/Closed]

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This morning I turned on my laptop and worked perfectly... for a couple seconds. My HP pavilion Dv6000 froze and I decided to manually turn it on and back on. I pushed, and held the power button until it turned off. Once it turned off I decided to take the battery out (for no apparent reason). So I took it out and put it back it (i didn't really touch anything). Once I put it back in I tried turning it on by pressing the power button, but it wouldn't turn on. The screen is black, there are no blue lights that are on. (These lights are on when you turn the laptop on).

I tried the taking out the battery and hold power button for 30-60secs trick, but no luck. I also have taken out my laptop's ram and re-inserted it (same with my hard drive). Oh and my battery is fully charged. I tried searching the net for solutions but no one really has the same problem as me. Most of the other people with problems said they could hear the fan, but with mine there is noting. No sound. No lights. No working laptop just one really expensive door stop.

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Scrutinizer714 - May 3, 2010 at 10:46 AM
Thank you
After reviewing the applicable DV6000 threads for this issue across the web I've come up with this remedy which seems to work if you are disinclined to perform the "real" fix of reflowing the solder joints of the NVidia chip on the motherboard.

1. Press the on button of your offending DV6000. The blue LED next to your SD-MS/Pro-MMC-XD slot (left side front) should stay lit during BIOS and the screen is blank. You may also notice the LEDs around the network port (8 pin modular connector) flash at initial power on also. This is the state my system gets into and seems to be the common state referred to by other users having the problem.

2. Allow the system to go through the automatic "restart" that occurs when you are in this state. The system will auto-restart repeatedly is another symptom of this problem that seems to be fixed by this procedure.

3. Once the system has auto-restarted once, press and hold the power button until the all the LEDs go dark and you hear the disk drive make a short whirring sound following by a clunk. If your system shuts down quietly, you will need to return to step 1 because this whir-clunk sound indicates you have crashed the BIOS and that is needed to get the right state for the next step.

4. After crashing the BIOS in step 3, press and *hold* the escape key (labeled esc) immediately below the power button and press the power button to turn on the system again. If you are successful the blue LED on the side will briefly light (1/2 secs I'd estimate) then go out and about 5 seconds later you will see the BIOS messages on the display and the system will continue to boot with the display active. The amount of time you wait between crash and restart may be important so I try and do this step within 1 to 2 seconds after I've completed step 3.

I always shutdown my system instead of simply putting it into hibernation or sleep. I do this because I don't want the crashing of the BIOS to cause corruption on the hard disk which is quite possible given a MS operating system.

Thank you, Scrutinizer714 109

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This method worked perfectly for me. My computer, the Hpdv6000 was doing continual reboots and by shutting it off an on I would eventually get it to start. I then got a message for an hp update and then it would not boot at all. Following the instructions above it worked. Thanks
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good works it is working for my laptop thanks............................
Thank you & more power! It almost gave me a nervous breakdown. One thing I learned is to make sure to save important files to external drives, just incase all methods did not work as expected.
Fixed the problem the very first try. Thank you sooo much!!
LaptopExpert - Nov 22, 2009 at 10:13 AM
Thank you
HOW TO FIX YOUR DV6000/DV9000/DV2000

All the Problems described in the previous posts are Graphics Related..
Faulty Nvidia Chip..Both Intel And AMD Based Motherboards..Though More Common on the AMD..

The symptoms of the Laptop Powering on and Shutting Off Repeatedly..Or.. Powering On and Having No Video...Or... Power Strip Lights Up, Beeps,Shuts Down...Or..No Power At All...Or.. Intermittant Loss Of Wireless/Video Goes In And Out/Touchpad Slows and Freezes..

To Fix this issue, You will need to Reflow The Graphics Chip.

I will Explain In Full Detail As To The Correct Method Below....

HP DV6000/DV2000/DV9000 Compaq v2000 Video Chip Reflow Instructions

First Step Is Complete Disassembly Of All Parts And Components..
Remove RAM, Remove CPU, Of Course Remove Heatsink and Fan assembly.

Next Step is Insulating the Motherboard... You need to Protect The CPU area, The RAM area, Cover any plastic Plug ports.

Try to leave 1/4 inch area around the edge of the chip free of insulation.

To Insulate the Board.. I use thick pieces of Tin/Aluminum, you can fold up some aluminum foil (tin foil) About 4 folds thickness....

Now that you have your Motherboard Insulated... Make Sure There's Nothing Flamable Or Burnable Below the Motherboard... it will get quite hot underneath.

You will need a Heat Gun.. You can get one of these at your Local Home Improvement Store, they cost about $15 - $30.. You Will Use ONLY the LOW Heat Setting... I REPEAT..... USE ONLY THE LOW HEAT SETTING ....

Next You Will Need Some Coins.. Yes Coins..
8 Quarters and 2 Nickels... Put the 2 Nickels On the Bottom and Stack Quarters On Top...
Place The Stack Of 2 Nickels And 8 Quarters On Top Of The Graphics Chip...

The Reason for using the Coins: Using the coins serves a few purposes...
1) It Helps Transfers the heat Into The Chip More Evenly/Slowly
2) It Helps Hold The Heat Longer/Then Helps To Cool Slower
3) It Gives The Correct Amount Of Weight That Is Needed To Press The Chip

A Thing To Look Out For...

Hewlett Packard is nutorious for using the RED epoxy around the edge of the Graphics chip.. this epoxy is used to help secure the chip to the motherboard...
This is a process that is Hand Done at the Factory.. And Some Boards Will Have Only A Little Amount of this, Some Will Have Alot of it...And Some are Only Done On The Corner Edges....

If There Is Alot of This On Your Chip, You Might End Up Needing To Carefully (REAL CAREFULLY) Remove as much of this epoxy as able to....You can use a Razor Blade To Lightly Scrape This Off... DO NOT MISS AND SCRATCH THE MOTHERBOARD!!! Go SLOW...

Now Comes The Heating Of The Chip...

Start With The Heat Gun About 6 Inches Away From The Top Of The Quarter Stack..You want to be holding the gun at a 45% angle.. Aim the heat at the Edge of the chip, You Will Start Rotating Around the Chip- around the outer edge of the chip...then use tighter circles concentrating on the quarter stack, then after about 30-40 seconds, slowly move closer to the chip...
Never Move the Heat Gun Closer than the Top Of Your Coin Stack...Then Pull It Back And Slowly Repeat.. The Chip Needs To Get Hot Enough To Re-Melt The Solder Balls On The Underside Of The Graphics Chip Back Down To The Contact Pads On the Motherboard.. and this takes Quite Alot of heating to Do.... You Must Not OVERHEAT the CHip... It Is Best To Underheat it and have to Redo.. than to overheat.. It will cause the solder to break down and even crack/split.. causing failure forever...
This process will take about 3 minutes total.. Once you shut off the Heat Gun.. Leave The Stack of Coins On The Chip And Let Sit For Another 5 minutes..

Now Remove The Coins(carefull they might still be hot)
Remove All Insulation.. Reinstall RAM, CPU, Heatsink and FAN Assembly (and Of Course Thermal Pads or Paste.. Note:. If Paste Is Used.. It Must Be Silver Paste...

Now You Can Connect The Power Button Strip/ Video Cable And The DC Jack Cable.... And Plug In AC adapter .. You're Now Ready To Test For Solid Power and Video....
I disassembled the machine but I am still unsure of what to do with the nickels and quarters. I am supposed to re solder the video chip?
Hold power button until the little blue light that is beside the card reader goes out. That will get you restarting and will work itself out and go away once all updated.

Maybe swap DVD drives to install Vista (use YouCam for webcam and QuickPlay for remote control to work)Hope this helps...

This worked for me, I had black screen, continuous restarting, no bios, etc...

Windows Vista Home Premium 32Bit
(was XP Media Center Edition)
Dont think that immediate power down following switching on a HP dv6000 series laptop does not mean, that has problem in the nVIDIA GPU. At this time, reflowing the chip wont work at all.
Email Id removed for security
i did just what you sad and it worked perfectly. the only diffrence is I used a torch and heeted up the whole stack of coins.

or perhaps try one of how-to articles here http://goo.gl/vhvU
Thank you
I just want to share my experience with the HP Pavilion dv6000 (dv6105 to be precise) laptop.

Check the link below to see if your scenario qualifies for a free repair as there are many issues that are included in this.

I purchased this laptop in Jan/Feb 2007. It worked OK for the first year. It ran very slow due to all the crap HP makes you load when you install the OS. Late Feb 2008 it began to not turn on. Power button wouldn't turn it on unless you pressed really REALLY hard. My husband immediately googled this problem and found this website http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?docname=c01087277&lc=en&cc=us. He immediately called HP. They told us that we didn't qualify for the free repair. We didn't understand but for whatever reason we trusted the rep. The laptop continued to have problems turning on. We had to use the tip of a ballpoint pen and press it in a certain spot on the power button while standing up and putting all our pressure on the button. This method stopped working in Nov 2008. My husband called HP again and again we were told we didn't qualify for the free repair. Again not understanding why but trusted the rep. So we opened the laptop to try to see if there was something we could do to fix it. At this point the laptop has no use. The quickplay button brings you to a screen with a windows icon that doesn't take you to windows, it takes you to hibernate and you can't escape out. August of 2009 we decided to reinvestigate the $600 doorstop to see what could be done. In researching and calling HP again, two more times, turns out it is a faulty motherboard (HP admits this) and our problem DID fit the scenario for the free repair but now it had been longer than 2 years and so we would have to pay $400 for it. HOW CONVENIENT. I started researching how much it would cost to repair myself and decided that I wasn't comfortable doing that even though I thought I could do it for around $150. So I call HP AGAIN. They have a big rubber stamp that says "NO" on it. The first rep I called says "sorry, nothing we can do, you will have to pay for the repair" so I demand to speak to the supervisor. They come back on the line and say the supervisor will offer a discount of $259 for the repair. So they are still trying to profit off of my unfortunate predicament that THEY put me in. This doesn't satisfy me. I am put on hold for 40 minutes while I hold for a supervisor and no one ever comes to the line. Wayne was this persons name. I call in again to the number in the link above. The woman immediately says "well we've already told you what we can do and you didn't accept it" when I ask for a supervisor. She finally gets the supervisor, "Donald" who repeatedly says "You can try to "COMPLAIN" to get a "FREE" repair, but I have seen this a hundred times and no one ever gets a free repair so you are wasting your time." I keep pressing and then get routed to a "case manager." The case manager was so nice. He looked at my case, saw that we had called in during the first two years twice to report the issue and were told in error that we didn't qualify when really we did. We get our free repair now.

Keep calling the number in the link http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?docname=c01087277&lc=en&cc=us and demand to have your case routed to a CASE MANAGER even if you never called before and it has been longer than two years. The only person who can authorize the repair is the case manager so skip that horrible customer service team. If that doesn't work, join the CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT http://www.sfmslaw.com/pages/cases.php?id=300 against HP due to the faulty laptops that HP won't recall and fix.


HP Pavilion dv6000 won't turn on power button quickplay motherboard mainboard faulty problem lawsuit free repair


I just got off the phone with customer service and then I read your post...sounds like the exact same thing I was going thru. I have called about problems on my computer and they have records of me calling them for these problems and I was told I was out of luck. My next call will be to a case manager.
PerfectStaple 35 Posts Sunday December 6, 2009Registration date April 22, 2014 Last seen - Jun 27, 2010 at 03:41 PM
That's a good report, jennysloan. It appears that you went through hell though. Sorry to see that, that HP could be more accommodating to their customers who spend so much money on them.

I had the same problems with the HP reps. They even hung up during a request to fix my HP Pavilion notebook. I will use your links for the Case Manager and the Class Action Suit against HP to help me negotiate my notebook breakdowns.

It is pathetic of a major technology company to ignore their customers when they could reasonably support them under the circumstances of even faulty hardware, such as the motherboard or the unit's voltage regulator.

It's a welcome victory for your family. Warm regards!
Thank you
I don't know if I have the same issue as all of you, but basically I was doing daily task when AVG asked me to restart my computer for updates, I did as followed, but when it rebooted it said windows did not shut down properly? Start normally...then 5 minutes later the screen just turns of me and it never comes back on, although it is still lit up with back-light from the LCD. I was forced to restart and now it just turns on, but no BIOS just a blank lit screen.
Thank you
Here is the solution which worked for me:
1) Switch on the laptop
2) Cover the laptop with blanket completely and keep the laptop under blanket for around 30-45 mins
3) Remove the blanket and your laptop will start working miraculously!!!

The above solution worked for me

PS: This is a temporary solution but whenever your laptop shows the blank screen, you can employ the above method and your laptop will start working.
I feel it is a better method rather than spending $300-$400 for repairing your laptop

Please try and let me know the results
PerfectStaple - Sep 6, 2009 at 03:50 PM
Thank you
I agree with your analysis, jennysloan.

I had the same problem with my HP Pavilion dv 6500 Notebook purchased during 2007. It functioned great until August 2009, when the Disc Player discontinued functioning. I checked for its stats and found that the maker's model type was erased.

In addition, I began experiencing considerable difficulties with the notebook automatically shutting down. During September 2009, after starting and restarting, it completely shutdown. Pressing the power button only initiates a temporary flicker of blue, then nothing happens.

I consulted a technician at Central Computers and he knew that the notebook's problems was with its motherboard.

So much for a perfect computer for a year and a half!
PerfectStaple - Sep 9, 2009 at 12:14 PM
Thank you

I've had the HP Pavilion for over 1.5 years, so it's pass its warranty time. No sense in contacting HP if the technicians always say no because of the expiration of warranty. No?

Certainly, nothing is for free when it involves hardware and software of a past warranty. You should understand that.

That's why there's class action lawsuits: there were no alternatives for consumers.

I'm not interested in beating my phone to death.

I don't follow you. Why do you think you have no right to contact HP? It's your computer and your life, but the service enhancement program is for 24 months, so it is longer than your 1 year warranty. Do what you wish, but if your computer fits the description of any of the problems included in the 24 month service enhancement, what is it that you think you have to lose?

"This service enhancement program is available in North America for 24 months after the start of your original standard limited warranty for issues listed below; otherwise your current standard limited warranty applies. Customers who already have a 24 month or longer warranty period will be covered under their existing standard HP Limited Warranty."

Read this website. It's HP's website, and they offer a free fix or replacement.

My issue was that I didn't get it fixed within the 24 months because HP screwed up. It's not likely that that will happen to you. Call before your 24 months are up. Phone # is in the link.

I got my laptop back with a new case because mine was banged up. All internal issues fixed. Works as good as new.
PreciousDocuments > jennysloan - Dec 2, 2009 at 05:22 AM

Thank you so much for all the info that you shared. My laptop fits the "defects" and I think I bought it in mid 2007, hopefully they will help me out.
The thing is, I sent it in before while I still had my 1 year warranty, but it came back still overheating and turning off but I just didn't want to deal with the hassle again especially because I use it for school. So I bought a cool pad and it helped a bit.
BUT now it wont even turn on...AGAIN and its finals season...its just a toy that lights up now...=/

Anyway, I was just wondering, were you able to keep all your files? or were they wiped out?
Because that's the most important part for me.

and props for getting it all done for free! I like your passion for your rights.

PerfectStaple 35 Posts Sunday December 6, 2009Registration date April 22, 2014 Last seen > jennysloan - Dec 7, 2009 at 01:33 PM
According to HP, the service enhancement doesn't cover my dv6000 model, which is actually a dv6500 series.
Thank you
Organizing HP Motherboard class action lawsuit

I have decided to gather and indication of interest for a class action lawsuit against Hewlett Packard. Please email me your name, address and contact phone number if you would like to join my effort in seeking vindication for the faulty products described by HP in the following post:


I'm not interested in making money from this, rather I just want to see the company stand behind their mistakes and provide me with what I paid $1000 for, a laptop computer that works. Any reasonable person assumes that a new PC has, under normal use, a life expectancy of 3-5 years; not 1-2 years. I am not paying $300 to have a computer fixed that I did not break. Its well documented that they made mistakes in their engineering process. This is the reason that they extended the warranty by an additional year, but what good is that if you weren't notified and given an opportunity to participate. The company has all customers phone and email address. Think about the number of emails you get from their sales department each month.

In closing, this is nothing more than a big corporation making a decision based on dollars and not sense. Situations like this are exactly what the legal system exists for.

Email Id removed for security

Best Regards
I have the same issue with my laptop as you. It has just died about 5 days ago. Seems to be the motherboard and I have been told that they will not replace it.

Let me know if you get a solution.
Thank you
Tried laptopexperts method to resolder the GPU - worked great! Came back from the dead and now wireless internet also working! That hasn't worked in years! Thank!
Thank you
I just got the exact same problem, and I haven't found any solutions.
Thank you

I had this, or a similar problem, and spoke to a HP tech guy who helped fix it over the phone. My machine is an HP DV6000. The problem showed up as a blank black screen, with no sign of booting up or power.

The problem is apparently caused by a build up of static - I think thats what I was told.

The solution which works for me is:

Remove the battery and unplug from mains. Then hold the power button down for 30 seconds. Re-connect to battery and power supply and the machine should work.
PerfectStaple 35 Posts Sunday December 6, 2009Registration date April 22, 2014 Last seen - Jun 26, 2010 at 04:42 PM
Power button went out for many--meaning no start up potential!
Thank you
It isn't the mother board. If you open up the keyboard, you will see two ZIF cables connected to the circuit around the power button. The problem is that those cords go bad. All you have to do to fix it is to exchange the cable that goes to the power button with a new one. It is a very simple fix.
Thank you
OMG I have the same exact problem

Im so frustrated.

i need help :[
Thank you
I have a laptop that has the same problems. Not only me but every one that has that hp dv6000. The computer has a powerful graphics card that it overheats and detaches from the mother board because the contact material makes no more contact. What I did to my comp I overheated the graphics card to make contact again.
Thank you
I have the same lap top. and badly the same problem. I just looking for a solution. I tried the power button for 1 minute, no battery and unpluged. but no luck. I heard no good thing about H.P but this is the worst. I owe a toshiba that I bougth at the same time and no complain. can anybody help whit this issue?
J. Gabriel
Thank you
Ok I wanted to post my story here, cause this came up in my research on this issue. This just happened to one of my lady friends literally three days ago. Based on this link:


she had one of the machines that was affected by this issue. Problem is, she bought this laptop in 2006! She doesnt know a lick about computers, so she let me handle it. Seeing how I saw so many of you guys getting told to pay to fix the issue, I tried another means to get support. I used their online chat system for tech support. I kept the description brief: blank screen on startup, and once he ackknowleged and verified her information, I told him that a friend (which was me!!) found the link listed above. He acknowledged the link, but wanted to do some further troubleshooting.

About 15 minutes of fake troubleshooting on my part, he wanted me take the hard drive apart, and try to boot to see if I can at least get the bios ?!!?!?!?!?!?!? And he sent me a link to a video on how to do it lol! Keep in mind, he is under the impression that I am some lady with no computer skills... So I told him that I didnt feel comfortable taking apart the computer and he didn't push back, acknowledging that there was an issue with the video card on the motherboard, and that it needed to be fixed. He then brought up the link I sent him earlier, and said that the laptop was covered under that limited warranty until March 2009. Seeing that I was anticipating that he was gonna tell me to pay for a fix, I immediately replied when did HP send an email to notify me of this issue. Since I had her register her email when she bought it, I knew it was on file. I also told him that I didn't think it was fair that I am not being covered for something that I could not have prevented. He paused for a minute or two, and then replied to not worry, that because this laptop was still under warranty, he will create a ticket to get it fixed free!!! LMAO I about fell out of my chair laughing so hard, cause I knew he was telling me a boldface lie about the warranty. But since he did...I pressed him some more about the warranty after we were done, and got him to document that the laptop was still under the original warranty for another 90 days!!!! Gotta love outsourcing liars!!!! LOL

So here are somethings I would suggest trying:

1. Make sure your laptop is registered with your email address. You can use that angle about them not notifying you if they try to charge you.

2. Let them troubleshoot!!! Being a technician, I know that the easiest way to get a company to eat the cost without a whole bunch of grief coming back at you is to provide a substantial amount of documentation. If they show that they did everything they could to try to get you back up and running, their superiors wont even raise an eyebrow about it. You don't have to actually do the troubleshoot, but you can "act" like it for sure!! Just let them try to exhaust all avenues, and once they believe that it is a defect, they wont push back so hard when you complete the troubleshooting.

3. Try online chat! The cool thing with that is, the agent isn't under the same pressures to resolve the issue like it would be over the phone. The have time to research, ask, get approval without getting their nerves up. And on the flipside, you won't get so angry cause you are getting tired of them telling you to do things when you know they wont work. When they ask you to do something, say ok but go get a drink or flip the channel. You see, they cannot disconnect the chat like they could the phone! Every conversation is logged, and it shows who ended the chat. Plus that gets you some written documentation on what they did or say if things go awry so you would have some sound evidence.

Hopefully this helps you guys get your machine fixed. And if all else fails and you need a smooth, jive talker to get your stuff repaired give me a buzz (for a nominal fee of course lol)!!!
Thank you
Try to reset the Systemboard. You need to remove the system board to reset it.. Its not easy. It would take 30 minutes if you are familier with removal of systemboard. What I think is , your system board is gone. It may cost you around 200-250$. Its not worth spending 250$ on it.. Many dv6000 had system board issue.
If it is under warranty, please send it for repair. If its not under warranty, Buy a new laptop(not HP this time :-)) and remove the HDD from your old Laptop and put in 2.5" External enclosure to use your data in your HDD
Thank you
Same problem with a DV6408nr, I am not paying $281 to have a computer fixed that I did not break.

Class Action Lawsuit

If you have experienced one of the above problems with your HP Pavilion Notebook, please fill out the form. Follow the link.

Thank you for providing the link. I filled out a form.
Thank you
I just fixed my dv9009US..
Class Action Lawsuit , is not going to fix your computer......just make easy money for the lawyer.
Do you need help.. google "ka1wcc" I am in Azusa, CA east of Los Angeles.

ca attorney 93102 - Jan 21, 2010 at 07:57 PM
Thank you
Are you serious about doing something? HP is guilty of fraud. Intentional omission. Sue the bastards in small claims court. Request punitive damages. Filing fees van be waived for students and low income people.
Just imagine a thousand cases all at once and they (HP) have to defend.
I just signed up for the class action suit. This laptop is horrible. I will never ever purchase from HP again. I have another hard-drive ready to go out. I keep getting the blue screen of death. I always thought HP had quality computers, I guess not.

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