Network Cable works on 1 PC but not other

caitlex - Jun 23, 2009 at 12:06 PM
 caitlex - Jun 23, 2009 at 12:20 PM

I am hoping someone can help! At my office I have a wired router that connects via ethernet cables to three computers total.

#1 - is the main PC

#2 - Room 2

#3 - Room 3 back office

All works great! However, I have a new lap top that I can go in room # 3 and plug the cable in and get internet and on the network with no problems. But if I take that lap top to room #2 and plug it in - it can not connect to the network. I know plug #2 works becuase I can plug a spare lap top into it with no problems and it also has a desk top that it can work with.

All computers are working on VISTA.

At first I had thought it was my new lap top but it works in Room #3. Then thought it was the Room #2 cable but it works too - just not with my laptop. SO FRUSTERATING! I tryly hope I was able to explain this well enough becuase yes, it is confusing.

A side note - - last week I was having problems with this exact thing in Room #2. Somehow I had gotten it to work - but of course it was a luck thing so I have no idea how I did it.

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UPDATE on my question (thought of something else you may need to know to help me) ;-)

TO decifer easier:

Room #2 is a blue cable
Room #3 is a gray cable

Where my router is in Room #1 I even switched the blue and gray cables (swapped which port they were plugged into) but it didn't matter.

Again - I know room #2 wire works becuase I am on it right now using an old laptop (that is on its last leg) and also that a desk top works with the #2 wire too.

Just the darn new lap top won't but it will in room #3 -- a room that I can't use to work since it is a co-worker office.