An error occured, please try again later

 Farman -
everytime I try to play video at youtube, the same message appeared at the screen, 'an error occured, please try again later', so it's difficult to me to watch any video at you tube. is it caused by the internet connection or anything? anyone can solve my problem. thank you...

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Delete the cookies!
Thank you very much.It works :)
no it does not work
please need your help , I have swf file and I have to click on scout soft phone in Firefox after it gave this " An unknown error occured ,please try again later " be known I want to click on it to download button mobile java to open it in javaws
as soon as the message appears, hit your backspace key, then go back to the video. It will play. I tried a fix but it doesn't stick. This is a pain but try my suggestion.

@me : awesome,works great, also, when I disable video download helper add-on, it works fine, but with your method,i am able to download videos again from you tube using video download helper... :D
This happened to me and a guy told me to delete my cookies. I know doesn't sound like it would work but it did for me give it a try :-) tools -> data -> click on cookies as well as other ticked boxes -> clear
This worked for me thank you thank you!!!!!!!
nop, that wont work
thanks friend it is work

on the "errored video", pause it and choose one of the several resolutions proposed by the youtube player (720p, 480p, 360p, 240p etc..).

verify that the resolution has been changed on the button

and voila
it is sure that one of the different resolutions will work!!
thanks a lot it's working :)
When I get that error I can still watch the video by hitting the pop-out button below the viewing screen. A new window pops up and I can watch it.
I can't stop that error occurring but I am still able to watch the video.
Worked for me, thank you very much, only solution so far, again thanks
Rob Harris, Ontario, Canada

Nice! Out of all the things I've tried this is the first thing that worked! Good enough for me. Thanks!
Thanks Ian! That worked for me too. I am using Puppy Linux, MSI Wind 120, Firefox with latest flash. This is not an issue with my Windows computers which I refuse to browse the internet with unless I really need to. Thanks Again!
This is the reality, 3 choices/reasons

Update flash player
Update browser
Discover the truth about patented codecs:

If this happens to you in IE or Chrome it's probably the flash
Firefox would not load Youtube videos on other sites, only on Youtube (weird). So I: Click on Tools>Options>Clear history when Firefox closes-Settings, and check everything, every single box (clear everything). Then, exit Firefox, re-open Firefox, go to a website that offers Youtube videos and click on one (Firefox may take a bit longer to load if you had a lot of information to delete). My problem was solved after I did all that, but now I have to check if the problem doesn't repeat after I change my History Setting back to the way they were before.
Looks clear that youtube only lets in connections it can easily track.. Guess the purpose.. $$$$$ !
Doesn't have to do with Firefox, Chrome, Adobe or your cookies...
It's a question of tracking you down to see exactly what you look at.. how many times, from where, at what times, forcing re-connections... Knowing and comparing your OS, your Browser, your cookies from previous sites, ranges of time... GATHERING INFORMATION.
Using a "secure or hard to track" connection, youtube doesn't work. You'll be able to see only 1\2 a video, and no more. F*** youtube and their lack of security. BTW, this site does almost same thing. They force a Script... or sign in to let you post something... Not cool... No. Over 9000!
Just disable cookies for youtube in opera, and it works perfectly. cheers
why an error eccurred in flash player
this is because of adobe flash player sometime the server of you tube is so heavy so this problem is remained

I have the same problem ever since I install a wireless network card and go wireless,
all websites and video clips work fine and only youtube videos gives me problem,
I switch back to the wired network adaptor and youtube video is ok again.
I switch between wireless and wire network adaptor several times and my conclusion is this:
with wired adaptor=youtube videos ok
with wireless adaptor=youtube videos not ok
how about my wired.. it was not working like what you said.
hey I had the same problem and I deleted the history and it worked coroctly 100%
don't worry bout these liers and u need adobe flash player 4 google chrome
I installed flash player and it fixed the problem
i deleted flash player and it fixed the problem
I deleted YouTube off the internet and everything was fine!
hey guys I think I know whats the problem!

if you have quick time player uninstall it and its going to work !
hello the webside is not open when I surch any hindi songs ,
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Hello in order to play videos you will have to install flash player!

Download flash player here:
ummm yes the entire thing is about installing AFP, yes your correctly wrong about the topic, if you would read the previous post you would not have posted such a stupid answer.