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Thinking it funny, my young niece changed my birth year to 2020 when I stepped out of the room. My 12 year account was blocked and I submitted my CDL that night, then a video 6 months later, then a second video 3 months after the first. Then I received a permanently locked notification. Questions:
1. Are the people reviewing my information so stupid they can’t see from my 12 years of posts and over 50 photos, that I’m not 0 years old or do they just ignore everything, and do their job half-as*. What ever happened to common sense? (Yeah, a 0 year old has 67 friends and 43 followers)
2. How to stop notification from a blocked account?

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Hello, see this article on what to do if your Facebook account is blocked due to age restrictions.

CCM is not affiliated with Facebook and cannot unlock your account on your behalf,

Thanks for your reply. As I stated in the post, I sent in copy of license with the completed form, then many months later was asked for a video of myself, which I sent, then after many more months I was asked for another video. Within days of sending the second video I received an email saying my account was permanently block. I'm not sure how I could be 0 years old yet have had the Facebook account for more then 12 years. The employees at Facebook who review the information sent obviously do not do their due diligence. One look at the dozens of photos posted of me and compare it to my license photo or videos I sent and anyone can see I'm not 0 and I'm not under 13.