Q1 w2 e3 r4 problem

i8ce3cu7be3 - Jul 4, 2021 at 10:32 PM
 TP - Apr 28, 2024 at 02:40 PM
my key board writes q1 w2 e3 instead of q w e, it just stopped for a second than broke again. ive done everything cleaned it reconnected it. can i do anything besides get a new one. answer. this was hard to right.

System Configuration: Windows / Chrome 91.0.4472.124

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Updated on Jul 5, 2021 at 03:41 AM
Hello, is this an integrated laptop keyboard or a separate keyboard?

Was there anything that happened to the keyboard before this started, or did it just start happening randomly?

It sounds like you could just have some debris underneath the key that is causing it to click both the Q+1, W+2, E+3 at the same time. If possible, try removing the keycaps and cleaning underneath. This could also possibly happen after a liquid spill. Based on your username, it looks likes the problem is occurring with all of the keys on the top row.

If you have access to second keyboard (borrowing one from a friend), you could check that it is purely a hardware issue with your laptop, and nothing more with your PC.

If the problem persists with your current keyboard, the only remaining option would be to purchase a new one.


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OK, so I tried many technical procedures and much internet searching, only to find that a solution that I initially dismissed, worked! 

I simply held down all 8 of the faulty keys for somewhere between 5 and 10 seconds and couldn't believe it when it fixed this problem (after having fitted a new keyboard, cleaning it all up inside and a bunch of software fix attempts).  The problem was initially caused by the dog jumping up and knocking a drink onto the keyboard. 

Hope this helps others.