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This question is a follow-up to another question I asked here and uses the same/similar files, code, and format as that question (at least in its starting state). If you would like to look at that question beforehand, here is the link to it.

As for this project, it is a continuation of the project linked above. Instead of tracking training completion, I want to now track when the trainings are delivered by the training team and do some simple statistical analysis on it. Furthermore, I want the excel file to automatically update a table titled SME with trainers who have delivered a specific training X amount of times. The last project has a similar system to where I was thinking of just changing it to match this project. I would replace the employee names with the years and use the same macro to split the source table into new sheets for each new year. However, this project is different in that while the first project had training courses fixed and never changing, this project has courses that are entered as delivered. A course given one year may not be given the next. Another problem is that I want to track who does the training, which wasn't something the last project cared for. This is further a problem because while a course may be delivered every year multiple times, it may not always be delivered by the same person and the current table I have does not solve this issue. What I would like help with is figuring out a way to store all the information in the easiest way possible, with as little manual work as possible (so if it could all be done in one sheet and split into individual ones then that would be preferred), as well as a macro to check trainer names and see if they have delivered the same course X number of times. If it detects they have then it sends the trainer name and course info to a sheet titled SME.

To provide a visual, here is a file I threw together using the old project to show what this looks like right now and how I have imagined it. It should match what I have described above.

Thank you for the help! Any ideas or solutions are greatly appreciated!


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Hello Joe,

Will this new project actually be in a new file?
I believe that you have the new sheet creation part working but I can't access the link as it appears to have expired (they expire after seven days apparently). Could you please upload it again.

Please be aware that I'm currently working away from home and will not have access to a computer (can't do these things on a phone!) until I return late next Friday.