Received facebook sms code but FB says it couldn't send, check number and resend

dkscharber - Sep 14, 2021 at 09:22 AM
 rearl - Sep 4, 2022 at 11:33 PM
Over the weekend FB disabled my account and asked for my id. I went through the steps and their generic email says the account is reopened and I should be able to log on. Problem is, I can't get past the security check. I only have one phone number in there and when I click "send code" I get the code right away BUT facebook has an error message saying it couldn't send the sms and to retry. There is nowhere to enter the code that I received. It is a total roadblock. I've been researching troubleshooting options but can't find any similar situations. Since I can't get past the security check I can't even use their help community or report the issue. Thanks for any advice you may be able to give me! I run my business on fb and at a very frustrating loss on how to proceed. Thanks!

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Hi :-)

I was having the same issue.

I managed to resolve it by:
- Opening my browser and navigating to FB
- Log out of FB by clicking the profile pic on top right
- Navigate to FB again and click "Forgot Password"
- I then reset my password and when I logged on again after resetting my password, the security check worked

All best

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May 29, 2022 at 06:34 PM
My situation doesn't allow me to click a profile pic. I can't get that far. Glad you're all set though.
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Apr 17, 2022 at 11:33 PM
Anybody have a solution for this
Definitely get a cheap or free VPN and try to log in from various countries. What worked for me was Isreal, but many who try what I did to get unblocked have told me it didn't work.

The best solution I know, as I was locked out for maybe 10 days, worked day and night to get my account back, and eventually, it worked. I have two accounts too and I had to get them both past the security check point and I'm happy to say that out of all my desperation it worked.
May 6, 2022 at 03:16 PM
I think I only have like 5 days left. Still nothing.

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Try logging in from a browser and not your phone. I faced such problem. Trying it from browser atleast allowed me the chance to write down the code unlike the app which kept showing code was not possible to send even after I received the code to my number.
I have I counter the same problem on 28 of May 2022 untill now am struggling to gain access to my account
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Updated on May 31, 2022 at 04:58 PM
I followed this and it worked for me. I had to do it a few times and i got pretty confused about some of the things my system did that are not in these steps but eventually it worked. I'm not done though. FB still has to review my case and from what i've read, that may never happen. But I did want to share some thoughts that might help others get this far, at least. The basic recipe I followed is pasted below.

It helped me to get my head around what it is we are actually doing. The instructions are less confusing if you understand what's happening. Pretend to be a bad actor in another country (unusual login place for you) and blatantly attack your own account. Since all I could do is click to send SMS, I did that many times. That flips some other security trigger and your account will get an email from FB because of it. And that email will lead you to confirm your contact information (since the bad actors may have modified it). You then remove your own correct phone number from your contact info, as if it's not yours. Then the system will revert back to the previous trigger you were addressing before and you'll get the SMS window again. Only this time, it'll say, but there's no phone on your account so let's do an email instead. And THAT is the ticket! You get the email and then follow along to upload your driver's license or whatever. Then wait for review. That's where I am now and I see a lot of us are. Not sure if there's life after this phase but the SMS thing worked! Here's that basic recipe I sort-of followed.

Copy and Pasted from another member:

How to get past Facebook Error

Just had this issue and got it FINALLY resolved using this method:
0. Close out of Facebook on any browsers you're on
1. Get a VPN and change your IP to a far away foreign country
2. Try to log in and get to the point where it asks you to verify, maybe have it send a text code to you (not sure if it makes a difference)
3. Repeat step 1 and 2 again (I did it a few times, not sure how many is required)
4. Close your browser and disconnect the VPN
5. Try to log in to Facebook again and you should see something asking if you tried to login somewhere else (if you do not get this try again. Might need to get on facebook on a different device while on the VPN and Facebook on your first device)
6. Select "No" that it wasn't you and you should be prompted to reset your password.
7. Create a new password
8. You should get an email saying you changed your password. There should be a link that says "if you didn't do this please secure your account." Click the link!
9. IMPORTANT: Follow the prompts to secure your account by changing your password and it should ask you to delete any emails or phone numbers that you do not recognize.
10. IMPORTANT: Remove your phone number from the account! Then click a time a two to complete the process.

PS. Messed up that I did nothing even remotely unethical in the first place but now I have to stoop to hacking my own account just to get out of a poor programming loop and save my account, which might not work anyway. Disturbing.
I was able to get the sms code and now my fb is under review. Does it ever get solved?
So…the form will permit you to enter an incorrect number, just not your number.

I used my Brothers phone to get the code, and that let me get through to the upload ID stage.


I did all the steps and i erased my phone number so i am only left with my email, but when i try to log in to facebook it asks me for my phone number again and not the ID check. Any help here?


give another number that you have access to it. After you receive the 6 digit code as an sms, send it to them on the next screen, and then it will unlock the ID request.

It is like trying to win a darn stage boss ....I am so is not fun.


I confirm that this way works, at least till the point of acceptance and "bypassing" the system check. I had exactly the same problem (hacked and someone posted child sexual abuse content-or at least that's what the system told me) .The sms was arriving but also the message for wrong number. I followed the steps with the VPN.

Israel was locked and need to pay. I use one of the free options (Norway) and it worked just fine.  I used windscribe- After two trials of entering in my facebook, I got this message in my emal 
<<is that you that you are trying to enter?"

I exit windscrbe VPN ,said NO, and it went through the process of uploading my ID etc.

I have 17days till my account is deleted. Professional use. Multiple pages, groups and family memories there. 

The good thing is that for the past 2 weeks, living without fb is not that terrible. I had never received/earned/profit all these hours that I invest on my professional digital presence in the FB platform. 

I will send you an update how this will end. Thanks f or all comments and info regarding the subject.