Transferring a file from one PC to another [Solved/Closed]

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ma question is, when transferring a file from one PC to another (the two are inter connected using a network),Considering the internals of an operating system how to describe the relevant processing that is involved in the operating systems. with diagrams
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It's just too easy...

It has to be a file or a photo to be transfered.

1. You need a USB (not a USB cord)

2. Plug your USB

3. And a dialogue box will appear and click view files or any that is particular to "view files"
4. Open "Pictures folder

5. Drag the pictures/files at the dialogue box of view files

6. Or just right click then choose "copy"
7. then right click at the USB then select "paste" (clue at no.6)

8. Then if you're done, don't just easily get the USB

9. go to hidden icons

10. then look for "safety to remove hardware"

11. click the safety to remove hardware

12. click the name of your USB

13. and get your USB

14. plug the USB to your another PC
15. open pictures
16 your dialogue box at your USB
17. drag the pics on your USB dialogue box at ypour picture folder

I wish it could help you....
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ok to transfer a file from xp to xp, is a multi step process.
1- go to "my network places" in your start menu

2- on the collum to the left of the new window there should be "view workgroup computers" double click it.

3- double click on the computer you are transfering to.

3- Copy the file strate across either by right clicking the file and clicking copy (also highlighting it and pressing control c does the same thing) then right clicking on the "shared documents" file and clicking paste (quick keys control v) or just simply drag it from one window to the other...
Grandad Bob - Mar 7, 2010 at 06:06 PM
Try the freeware programme TeamViewer. It will do all you need and more.

Good luck.
Hi, I want to connect two computer through bluetooth device
You can try Binfer. It does direct computer to computer file transfers. Of course the good ole USB drive [or DVD] could work if your computers are in proximity of each other.