Unable to restore WhatsApp chat history from iCloud

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Hi, my wife and I have just changed mobile (cellular) service providers for our iPhones and have now successfully ported over our previous phone numbers (with Community help!).

Following on from this switch, my wife has lost all her WhatsApp chat history.

Here is an account of how she reached this stage. I've been Googling but so far to no avail. Hopefully you can help with this.

PS. sorry about the point numbering, it's a Notes issue that won't go away :)

By the way, it's an iPhone XS on ios 15.4.1:

"Loss of WhatsApp chat history following switch to Virgin.

Having instigated my switch of cellular service provider from Vodafone to Virgin, I changed the phone number in WhatsApp settings to my new, temporary, Virgin number.

I then realised that the number change in WhatsApp had locked me out of certain WhatsApp groups that had number specific settings. I informed the group administrator who changed the group settings to the temporary number.

He said that when the old (ported) number was restored to simply change it back in WhatsApp (ie. step 1 (first) in reverse). I have never done this however, because I deleted the App (under advice from the Administrator, “to avoid unnecessary admin”).

He then advised me to reinstall WhatsApp, but making sure that the app was backed up to prevent losing all past conversations.

I checked my WhatsApp settings and saw that monthly back-ups were switched on. I also did a manual backup immediately prior to deleting the app.

I then deleted the app and re-installed it, but the option to restore backups was greyed out along with the message “No Backup Found”

It became apparent that what we had thought would be an immediate switch, back to my original phone number (porting), might take some days and figured this problem may be something to do with that delay.

I ordered a new sim to try and solve this problem.

This sim is now activated and all aspects of iPhone life are fine, with the exception of this issue; ie. the WhatsApp chat history Backup cannot be found in my iCloud backup.


Ok, I’ve a feeling I’ve made this question appear over-complicated by giving so much information; here is the heart of it:

1. When trying to restore chat history, the app says “no backups found”

2. However the device has a record of WhatsApp backups totalling nearly 800Mb

Any ideas why the app can’t see the backups?

System Configuration: iPad / Safari 12.1.2

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Apr 28, 2022 at 10:20 AM

I think the issue is caused by the change of your phone number in your WhatsApp account. It is necessary to restore a backup from the same phone number on which it was created.

As you said that you actually changed it by your temporary phone number before you created a new backup and deleted the app, try activating your account using that same number.

If WhatsApp doesn't find any backup, then try with your ported phone number.

Hope this helps.
Thanks so much, that makes complete sense. Unfortunately my wife felt it best not to ask the Group Administrator to change the number twice again so she’s bitten the bullet and started again from scratch. Fortunately I’m also a member of most of her groups so at least she can refer to the history indirectly.

Thanks again for this very helpful reply!

Kind regards, Mike
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Apr 28, 2022 at 10:45 AM
You're welcome Mike!