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Hoping someone can help.. I have a free email account with and unable to add it as an mail account to my iphone. Is it right that will not allow syncing with free accounts? Or can someone please give me the mail incoming server and outgoing server addresses?

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Thank you is powered by AOL, so when adding the account. You go to setting, add account, then AOL. Type in information as normal, then save. It will add the account in minutes. I have two on mines>

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I was having trouble getting my acct sync'd to my iphone, everytime I emailed they just sent me their "canned" response and FAQ. NO help!
The instructions to create your acct going through AOL worked great, don't need to know incoming or outgoing addresses.

thanks so much!
It worked!! Thank you very much for the info!!
Excellent It took 1 minute and it worked, thanks you
thank you, my goodness, what a relief!
THANK YOU!! Thank you!!! It worked!
Thank you
I have a premium account with The incoming email is fine. I cannot get the Iphone to "send" on my account. I understand that is now owned by AOL...but AOL settings seem to not work. All worked well before AOL bought them out. How do I SEND email on a account on my Iphone? Thanks! Thanks ..what are the exact settings?
thanks so much this helped so much
> Caroline MacAdam Williams -
Well actually no it didn't
Thank you
These settings work as of 5/21/10.

------------ / AOL tend to use IMAP for security purposes. Here are the settings I was able to use.


Username: Full Email address

Port: 587
Username: Full email address
THANKS IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks a lot. Worked for me after at least an hour of hunting.
this worked for me, thank you for sharing. :)
Thank you
A quick thanks to all contributors - I had problems for weeks on replicating my account on the iPhone. I have now followed advice and set up my account on the iPhone through the pre-set AOL mail account. It all works fine (for now).

Thanks again!
Thank you
I followed these instructions and I can now send email using my account from my iPhone.
Thank you
The info here was the best. I wasted so much time looking at other videos and instructions. After reading this I set up my account in like 30 seconds. Thank you to everyone who contributed.
Thank you
I had the same problem starting Jan 1:

I changed SMTP from to

POP3 unchanged ( does not work)
Thank you
I also tried setting up my account via the aol preset.
It works prefectly EXCEPT I can't send mail because my outgoing id is set to! Supersilly!! And it seems I can't change it...

I've tried doing it manually, but I can't get the correct pop and smtp settings.... help, anyone?
Don't use the AOL setup. Set it manually and it works. See former comments on this subject.
Thank you
what you need to do to RECEIVE MAIL:
When editing your outing going server enter your username and password(your username is your email address), this will allow you to send. It works!