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Facebook suspended my account on 4th July as it was hacked and the hacker posted terrible pictures on my account.

i have since requested a review and have the ‘Review requested’ page when I try and view my account on my Fb app on my phone. But I have had an email a few days back asking me if I want to request a review - which I did straight away. And when I click on log out it says I only have 1 day left to request a review … I’ve already done that!!!

Is it normal for Fb to take so long to review an account. I’ve tried all sorts of other ways to recover my account (even submitting ID but send me back to same page) and always get this message. 

Help! I did nothing wrong and I have had my account for years and don’t want to lose it all. 

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You have to wait until Facebook has completed the review process for your account. Take a look at this article to find out how long does it take for Facebook to review an account.

Note: CCM has no affiliation with Facebook and cannot unlock your account for you.


Hi, thanks for your reply. Unfortunately my account appears to have slipped through the Facebook system cracks. My account (when I clicked on Log out) kept saying that I only had xx number of days to request a review …. Which I had and the screen on my account said that so that was confusing.

My account was disabled on Sunday as it said I hadn’t requested a review … grrrr really annoyed at that point as I had …. and then when I filled in the form to appeal my account being disabled and clicked on submit, it then said ‘sorry but your account was disabled too long ago for us to be able to do an appeal.’. So when exactly was my account disabled?!?!?!

So that’s it …. I have no way of getting my Facebook account back … years and years of memories gone for good and none of it was my fault. Gutted and annoyed and frustrated does not come close to how I feel … and there is no way of complaining to Facebook about it!!!