How do I identify Cisco switch ,router and firewall?

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Hi Everyone,

How do I identify cisco switch, router and firewall from each other by looking at them at first glance in the server room?

I will be thrown in to the server room to identify which is which and i would really appreciate if you can give me a tip to identify them by looking at them at first glance.

Is there a way to identify them from each other, other than how they are connected and where the cable is going?

I may not be shown the front which might say router, switch or firewall. Most likely i will be tested randomly such as, can you tell me which on e is router, switch or fire wall. 

I would really appreciate if there is different ways to identify them by looking at them at first glance. 

If here is a picture, article or video that shows the difference please do suggest. I tried searching everywhere and i couldn't find one.