How Do I Undelete MSN Contacts???

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Does anyone out there know how to undelete a msn contact list (3 email addresses), that I accidentially deleted??? I need to restore/reinstate my msn contact list to what it was before I "supidly" deleted it, & I want to be able to restore these contacts without having to re-invite them again. If they knew I deleted them, they might not want me to invite them back because they are European contacts & don't understand many things when I try to translate from English to their language. In other words, they might get the wrong translation/impression if I had to explain what I's easier for me in this instance NOT to have to explain. So I'm hoping someone out there can help me. I've tried to contact MSN, but their help desk has been closed. Any suggestions?? Thanx!

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Jun 29, 2009 at 10:12 AM
Dear lady,

You can restore your contacts you deleted and add them again on your Msn account, Just follow these steps:

Go on Tools on Messenger then select options,
Then Click on Privacy on your left, you will see Block list on your Right,
Select the Contacts addresses you want to get back to your account, right click and select add to contacts.
Then Click OK to save your settings

From now you will be able to chat with the ones you deleted!!

Thanks a thousand times for this answer. My brother went through a similar situation; and after reading this post and applying the simple instructions the deleted contacts are restored.
This has really helped me a lot. May God bless you to come out with more solution to problems. Taker!
Thank you so so much for your instructions. I mistakenly deleted all the msn live mail contacts and this resulted in wiped out live messenger contacts. Now because of your help, I have restored the live messenger contact list. Thanks!
yo thank for tell how to get back contacts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANK A lOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hi um thank u so much for finding how do get peopel back u deletd I just cudent find out how u have help a lot thanks again mate
need your help how do u readd some1 on msn that u deleted
come on people stop being a bunch of idiots. She deleted them not blocked them for gods sake. I'v done the same thing so far its been basicly impossible to re-add them since wdows live prevents you from re-adding an email adress that you have previously entered. Going to privacy only lets you unblock contacts you have blocked. As far as I know the only way to re-add a contact is to change the coding in windows messenger to allow you to enter the same email as many times as you like without it blocking you from entering it again
This helped me, the contact e-mail was still in allowe list. Just right clicked and added it to the list again. THANX!!!
I have a similar problem, I deleted AND BLOCKED a contact that I really wish to re-add now, and this seems impossible. Can you explain to me how I can do as you say "change the coding in windows messenger" ? I am not much of a computer girl... :/
Thanks so much! This was simpler than the other things. Really appreciate the help! : )
it doesn't work u have to get there contacts again to add them
Hello! I have the same problem. PLEASEEEEEEEEE tell us how to change that "coding" that you mentioned. I've blocked and deleted one contact. Then unblocked it and sent a friend request and it was added to my list. BUT the contact cannot communicate with me. I am like being offline allthe time so there is a problem.

Furthermore, the other person has deleted me ,too and blocked. So, what should we do???
I can't believe that there is no solution because the upper situation can be caused by mistake. So, it's not logical not to be able to solve such a problem.

I'll be waitinggggggg
Once you get to the block list, right click on the contact and click add to contacts.
thanks so much, worked for me too!!
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Jun 29, 2009 at 12:54 PM
I thank you very much for your suggestion, but I think you were giving me instructions for "unblocking" emails. This is not what I want to do, as I never blocked them. What I did do was, I hit the delete button which removed the 3 email addresses from my contact list AND deleted them from my network. I want to restore my "live" msn contact with these people without having to send an invitation to them (again), since they would be offended if they new I deleted them (by accident) in the first place. So if you can help me with this, I would be eternally grateful. Thank you once again.
If they still have you in their contact list, they will not get that notification, so you can go ahead and re add them!
Is this really so? I had a situation when I deleted, blocked and removed someone from live hotmail contacts as well, so I completely deleted the contact. This person still has me on his contact lists, so He hasn't deleted me. So is it really so that when I add him back and also unblock him via settings, he will NOT get a notification of anything? I just want to be sure.

I understand what you are trying to explain, because it happened to me as well.
I deleted a contact from my profile and netwok and I want to get it back. Please understand
that it is NOT a contact from messenger...I did have him back on my messenger but not in my
profile and network, and I do not want to send him the invitation again to join my network....
Did you find the solution to your problem? If so, then could you please explain to me
so I can fix it myself. I would really apprecaite it!

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A definitely better option is to go to

Msn Messenger: Go to options -> Privacy -> "see who has added you to their contact list" [View]

there you have all contacts, deleted, blocked and regular ones. you can restore very easily.
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You just need to go to the contacts--> edit contact---> select the one you deleted ---> OK---> and reenter the address--> and then save... This works only if you haven't blocked it =)
need click 'view', then right click on the list, and add the contact one by one, it works
Please help. I do not want to restore blocked contacts on Messenger. I just deleted all of my Hotmail contacts (A through I) inadvertently. I desperately need to get them back into my HOTMAIL email contact list. Can you help?
If you want to undo deleting a contact just go into tools -> options -> privacy and find the contact's email in the ALLOW list on the left. Right click and add. If you deleted without blocking then you will still find the contact's email in your allow list.