Update WhatsApp contacts: iPhone, Android, Samsung

Update WhatsApp contacts: iPhone, Android, Samsung

When a new contact is added to your phone, WhatsApp Messenger should automatically detect the contact. If you know that the contact has an account, but they do not appear in your WhatsApp contact list, you may need to manually refresh your contact list. In this article we will show you how to refresh your WhatsApp contacts.

How to refresh WhatsApp contact list on Android and Samsung?

If the contact that you are looking for doesn't appear in your WhatsApp contact list, begin by making sure that the person you're looking for has the app's latest version installed. If this is the case, your issue may be caused by the totality of your contacts not showing up in your device's contacts list. (This includes contacts from your SIM card, Google, and the internal memory of your device as well as contact groups.)

Open WhatsApp Messenger, and tap the New Chat button to access your contact list.

To show all of your contacts, go to Contacts > Menu > Settings. Then, uncheck and re-check the box next to Show all contacts:

Whatsapp screenshot
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Next, tap the Menu button > Refresh. Your contact list will immediately update to reveal any and all contacts available on WhatsApp:

WhatsApp settings screenshot
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Your friend should now appear in your WhatsApp contact list.

How to update WhatsApp contact list on iPhone?

Launch WhatsApp, and go to your Favorites tab. Scroll to the top of your Favorites list, then pull the list down with your finger.

WhatsApp will now refresh your contacts list. Your Favorites will be sorted alphabetically, and any hidden or deleted contacts will be restored.

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