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hi can u help me pls.?i read ur advice open task manager i press CTRL+ALT+DELETE it ddnt open it show a seconds but it dissapered then i tried to press ALT+SHIP+ESC its the same then click run and i type taskmgr its the same isue wht should i do?can u tell me pls...only my internet explorer is working now.i deleted my anti virus cuz of this problem then when i install another anti virus i cant run and install any softwares.thnk u and godbless

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For those of you who says: I cant open Task Manager, I cant open any Anti-virus, I cant open any Anti Malware(ex:Malwarebytes), I cant open ANY EXE.FILES!!!(because the virus blocks it ALL).

Then i have a simple yet effective trick:

if you rename the file then SYSTEM SECURITY will not be able to block it. which is good for you to activate all your ANTI-etc.

The only problem is that you wont be able to open the task manager because you cant rename it. So my suggestion is to download: procexp from
it is a free software that acts as a task manager; but the difference is that it is BETTER coz it shows even the hidden process (and it's also user friendly) note: dont forget to rename for you to access

if you have it, kill the thing that looks like a shield(SYSTEM SECURITY) then the rest of the instructions are free for you too find.
hope this helps... ganbatte kudosai

ps. forward my guide too all