Blue Screen and/or Freezing upon start-up

 plastics_guy -
Hello, My computer is either freezing, blue screening or freezing then blue screening upon start-up. However. I can get into Safe Mode just fine. I am running windows xp (home edition I think...) on a dell inspiron 6400. I have gotten it to work occasionally (after approxamitely 20 failed start-ups) and once there I can simply use hibernate to avoid the issue. But, I forget about the problem eventually and turn it off and quickly realize that the problem is still there the next time I attempt to start it up. Any help?

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this may be due to a virus.

go to safe mode, download an antivirus and install it.

run the antivirus to clean your computer and then try a system restore.
i also have the same problem, i thinks its a virus. but i tried to install an antivirus in the safe mode and i was told wndows installer is not available in safe mode
have you no brains? windows installer is not available in safe mode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> wittles
wittles that was just uncalled for.Name calling! Come on now.Those that call names. like you did ,have a number or problems outside of computers.Shame! now peeps lets get back to actually helping, like this forum is for.....I have vista and the blue screen problem as well.nothing seems to help and is not a virus.I can only start up in safe mode.Any help out there as I do not have the vista disk to help repair.Thanks.
> biml
i didnt name call i asked a question.. u need to learn English..
go to safe mode with networking to install a program such as an anti-virus...go to and get super anti and awesome
> CDragonJ
I'm having similar issue to the earlier post. Computer frooze so I restarted but it freezes on the window logo screen on startup. I followed your directions and tried to safe mode with newtork but all i got was a black screen with Safemode in all 4 corners and the pointer center screen which would still not move.

Any other ideas on what I can try? I was already running Norton but I'm guessing that didn't matter. Is it most likely this is a virus?