Folders and Sent Mail Problems...

abrogard - Updated on Jul 18, 2023 at 06:50 PM

Two problems for me:

1.  When I search mail I don't know which folders the 'hits' are from - hence I don't know if I need to highlight and move some of the hits or have they already been moved?

Yahoo used to show which folder things were in. Can I get this again?

2.  I just found if I find  'sent' emails and  move them to a folder they then disappear from a 'sent' list.  Yes, I know I just 'moved' them but I expect them still to be flagged as a 'sent' email and appear in my 'sent'. Under this system I cannot move sent emails to the requisite folder.  Unless I want to forego the utility of the sent folder.  Meaning I cannot quickly check how many emails I sent in the last few weeks/months/whatever because all those moved to the folder/person they pertain to will not show up.

If I want to know what I've sent in that circumstance I will have to peruse each and every folder..

Windows / Chrome