Someone Stole My Facebook Page - Facebook Won't Help

Fuzzlesnook - Aug 15, 2023 at 10:45 PM

My Facebook Business page was taken over by a criminal in Pakistan.  My page was created in 2016 and still shows my URL, my email address, and it is all photos of my and things that I own.  Facebook screwed me around for 5 months and then told me they found no evidence that it was my page.  I filed numerous complaints (FCC, BBB, Attorney General, etc.) and they (facebook) don't respond to anyone.  I proved that I paid them for the ads to promote the page with my credit card statements.  After 6 months I made a new page.   I have been paying Meta to promote the new page.  Obviously this is part of their design.  I have found SO many others who have the same issue.  Facebook allows other criminals to post pages promising to "fix" the problem - even saying they are Facebook