Facebook why are you doing this to me?

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I've had just 1 facebook account since 2010, never had a single problem until now! Suddenly 2024, there's a problem. Out of nowhere, facebook decides my accounts at risk, have no idea why it's at risk, but they start asking me to confirm my account by logging on from the original device I used to open the account. WHAT THE...? It's been 13 years!!! I don't have any of the same devices from 2010, I mean, does anyone??? So that's where the problem began and now I'm completely locked out, and since they rejected my govt' issued health card, which is the only ID I have with my picture on it, there's nothing more I can do. I thought I'd try to open a new account but 'surprise surprise' can't do that either! It takes me directly to the account I can't get into, and that's it. I REALLY need some help here! And there's literally no one. Multi-million $ company and there's no one that can help me or should say WILL help me. How sad is that?  
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Yeah, Facebook can be a real pain sometimes, huh? It sounds like you got hit by some pretty tough security measures. The truth is, these overly aggressive security features are supposed to prevent unauthorized access to your account, but often they just create problems for the real users. Your best bet is to raise a support ticket detailing your situation. They may take some time to respond, but it's better than nothing. Or maybe try reaching out on other platforms they're active on. As for the ID issue, they don't accept health cards as they consider it non-compliant due to data privacy regulations. Plus, they need an ID that has your birth date on it. So, if you've got something else with your photo and birth date, you could try that. If attempts at recovery fail, you might have to create a new account from a different device or browser. Yeah, it's ridiculously inconvenient and a poor user experience, but that's the way it is for now.