My laptop wont read discs through itune

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I recently purchased a laptop and when i put in a blank dic either a cdr or dvdr and try to burn through media player or itunes it just wont do it and it takes like 5 minutes to read the disc. Itunes say an unknown error(4000) occured. It will read dics either dvd or cd that already have files written on them but wont do so with blanks.
Sometimes it will also just keep spinning the blank dics and not read for like 10 minutes. Is there something wrong with my laptop?
As I just purchased it 7 days ago and is still covered under warranty, damn HP's someone please help

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this is a normal behaviour, and not a problem.

blank CDs cannot be read as it contains no data.
Thank you

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Yeah I understand that, but when i load the disc it doesnt read when i go to my computer and check the drives. No CD-R comes up, which usually displays what type of disc it is and how much space is left but this deosnt happen. If I double click on the dvd-rw link it ejects the disc and asks to insert a dics if I insert a disc the same process happens again it stalls for ages and will not read through any programs or through my computer.