When typing on my laptop i have to press FN [Solved/Closed]

 Lisa -
Hello, when ever I try and type somthing on my laptop it turns out like this -3ease he3- 0y 2eyb6rd w6nt w6r2
that was please help me my keys dont work. to get it normal like now I have to press function and it gets anoying writing this on word please help me!

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You have the NumLock function turned on. Many laptops have this feature because that don't have a numeric keypad.
Look for the NumLck key on the top row of your keyboard. Press Fn + NumLck to toggle OFF this function. That's the Function key (Fn) and the NumLck key at the same time.

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thankyou so much! I dont no how to thank you!
Thank U very much

holy crap. thanks a lot man. you saved me!
Thanks man... Your my hero :-)
Still didn't work for my computer. Please help

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