POKEMON PLATINUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kittykat135 - Jul 8, 2009 at 11:54 PM
 Is - Apr 11, 2010 at 10:35 AM
I was just wondering......when to you get to battle the frontier brain of the battle tower?
And could you rate my team?
Plusle lv. 100 espeon lv. 100 vaporeon lv. 100 Lucario lv. 100 Ninetails lv. 100 Hippowdon lv. 100
copycat morning sun Hydro pump close combat fire blast fissure
swift facade surf aura sphere flamethrower earthquake
spark psychic muddy water extremespeed overheat double edge
thunder psybeam aurora beam bone rush solar beam crunch

(thanks in advance, if you reccommend any moves for my pokemon, could you tell me where you find them.........and if you reccommend any pokemon, tell me where to find them too.......(btw....I got ninetails from a friend with an ar, and let's just say it took a really long time to get them to lvl. 100......and I'm working on getting minun)

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my team is great i have a japanese version of jirachi lv.100, rayquaza lv.100 (shiny), arceus lv.100 (shiny), vaporeon lv.100, raikou lv.100 (shiny), regigigas japanese version lv.100.
you battle the tower tycoon (battle tower frontier brain) when you beat 19 trainers (he is the 20th one).Your team is good.
Well I believe ur team is simply amazing!But still I would suggest you to remove dragonite and introduce maybe a kingdra or gyarados. And you should also remove weavile and introduce electivire. Even I hate legendaries. be sure to reply me!
leticiia loves me
Dec 11, 2009 at 11:37 PM
i have even better pokemon rate my team I have LV 100 infernape lv 100 empoleon lv 100 torterra lv 100 lugia Lv 100 kyogere lv 100 Rayquaza Lv 100 Groudon lv 100 deoxys lv 100 arceus lv 100 ho oh lv 100 celebi lv 100 of all evee evolutions lv 100 darkrai lv 100 dialga lv 100 palkia lv 100 shaymin lv 100 regis lv 100 regigigas and so on
how do you get those pokemon legendary and did you use an action replay