Keyboard locked & stuck at setup screen

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Alright so I hit something on my computer(this is my spare one), and it went into stand by mode, so i just booted it back up and i was typing to a friend and was getting different letters then what it normally was; example would be backspace was \ and other weird stuff. So i looked at my keyboard configuration settings and reset them to normal and nothing had changed so i reset my computer thinking it would be fine, i unplugged the keyboard, turned it off, let it stay turned off, tried ctrl+E, nothing has worked. I can't get to my windows desktop to look at anything because I'm stuck at the setup screen, where u click f1 or delete to get to the setup. So if anyone as any advice it would be greatly appreciated.

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this is a keyboard problem.

try another keyboard to see if this solves the problem.

or use a USB keyboard.