SP3 Rebooting Problem

 red232 -

I installed SP3 sometime ago. Eversince I installed it, it has been giving me an endless cycle of rebooting. However I am able to acess safe mode. I tried unstalling it hoping it would fix it but the problem still remiains. I also did system restoring but that still didn't help.

I really need this problem of mine resolved.

Thanks in advance to those who respond to my post.

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disable the automatic restart:

right-click on My Computer, select Properties

click Advanced, under Startup and Recovery click Settings and then uncheck Automatic Restart.

hope this helps.

or try to update your drivers.
Thank for responding,

I tried what you said but that didn't fix it still.

All I got was a code=

stop:c000021a logon process terminated 0xc0000005 (0x00000000x 0x00000000)