My Windows XP keeps restarting [Solved/Closed]

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Recently, my Window XP Notebook keeps restarting. When I turn it on, before I can type my password to log into my account, the screen turns blue for a second and says : A fatal error has occured. Windows has been shut down to protect your files. Then, it restarts and repeats the entire process.

I tried going into Safe mode when Windows starts up but it still restarts and I can't log in. I have also tried Last Known Good Configuration, Safe mode with Networking, Safe mode with Command Prompt, Start Windows Normally and Reboot but it still does not work.

Please advice me on what to do next. (Should I try "Disable auto-restart when system fails" ?)

Thank you.
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ShoNeH 30 Posts Tuesday October 14, 2008Registration date December 23, 2008 Last seen - Oct 30, 2008 at 03:56 AM
Thank you
first try testing your RAM (goldmemory or memtest)

if the memory pass the tests try reparing your xp, if repair doesn't pass from any reason, pull your HD take it to your friend, back up the data, and reinstall OS

Thank you, ShoNeH 26

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Hai My Windows XP keeps restarting I can't formatt the system because some usefull software were install . pls send me some dos command to repair my system rebooting problem.
try fixboot or if you know how to rewrite the bootloader use bootcfg
ShoNeH 30 Posts Tuesday October 14, 2008Registration date December 23, 2008 Last seen - Oct 31, 2008 at 09:00 AM
Thank you
you can download it from the net

I even think, but not sure, you can download it from wikipedia.

try to search on wikipedia for HirensBoot cd and you should see somwhere download

any way, you can find it on the net
ShoNeH 30 Posts Tuesday October 14, 2008Registration date December 23, 2008 Last seen - Nov 4, 2008 at 02:34 AM
Thank you
yes. from someone's else computer, download it , burn a disc, and put it in your comp
ive done that, but nothing seems to happen, maybe theres something to be done to be able to get the disc to be opened? im not sure at all
Thank you
base on my experience there is 1 simple way to solve this problem.Use the O.S cd to boot up then do the " chkdsk /r " and select the " fixboot " selection.Restart.tq.
Thank you
my windows xp keeps restarting,
i have tried to go to safe mode, last known configurstion etc, but nothing happens,
i formatted my hard disk,(80gb) when I finished and I power it up, it keeps restarting
any help?
Hello there, i've got the same issue. My Computer keeps restarting aswell.
As soon as it reaches the window xp loading screen, then it restarts.
Could someone please help me out?
- Thanks
bobcat > Gabriel M - Feb 23, 2010 at 11:56 AM
After shut down of my computer the other day I go back the very next day and power it back up it want start back up. The log on screen comes up and as soon as enter my password and enter immediately it automatically logged me off before opening up windows desk top. Back to the log on screen again. The only screen I get is the log on. I tried starting in safe mode and it didn't solve the problem. What is my problem? Help please!!!!!!
THIS is a blue screen error. This problem is happrning due to newly installed hardware if the hardware is removable then remove it. otherwise chec the updates for this hardware
Did you ever find a solution to this problem? The same thing keeps happening to me.

This is directed at bobcat:
If XP will not let you log in, and just keeps kicking you out, usually that is a problem with the file "winlogon.exe" in your System32 folder. More than likely it has been corrupted by a bad shutdown, or malware. If you can get your hard drive into another machine, you can extract a copy of "winlogon.exe" from an XP install CD (or copy it from another machine running XP). If the registry entry for winlogon is messed up, that too can be fixed from another machine....but try this first.....
Thank you
that kind of error is of two type hard disk failure or ram failure
i think you won't repair it by setting up windows xp because
appearing blue screen is very dangerous problem
that is.. hard ware problem

as the blue screen error occure in the process of booting
the possible error is of ram because booting process is the
the process of receiving the data from hard disk to ram

in this case there is very less possibility of hard disk failure

so in my view you have to test your ram by installing it to your another friend

and I don't think installing os will work

but installing os is not the bad idea

No, no, no!!! That is *NOT* a hardware error. It is a corrupt driver, that is all. It's an OS error, has nothing to do with hardware, so checking RAM, HDD is all bogus...
ShoNeH 30 Posts Tuesday October 14, 2008Registration date December 23, 2008 Last seen - Oct 31, 2008 at 04:41 AM
Thank you
I agree with kliker, it is a hardware problem, but my guess is ram

try testing RAM memmory, use goldmemmory or memtest (if you can find Hirensboot - there you have those programms - it's a bootable cd which contains a lot of usefull testing and repair tools, and you can find them under testing tools -> ram testing tool , or something like that )

if the test's pass (which I seriously doubt) and say the memmory is good, test your hard disk (you have powermaxtor, and a lot of similar testing tool on the same disc)

with those tests you do not have to pull the memmory out of your comp, just put the disc and boot from it, you should get arround with it

if the harddisk is good, and the memmory is good, backup your data somehow and reinstall XP

let us know what you did
my laptop doesnt have a cd drive...
it is simple, jst try and get an external c d drive that can be connected to your laptop.
Thank you
i have this problem however when my computer restarts if quickly flases a blue screen of death. ive tried formatting my PC by putting the windows XP disk in however the disk does not start, it just shows an error message....

If anyone knows why it will not recognise the disk please help me out!
I've tried hitting f8
go into the advanced menu (again hit f8)

Safe mode failed for me
as well as Last known working
tried recovery also didn't work.

the one thing that did get it to work was
- debugger option

seems to be running ok now.
I believe it might have been malware and currently running diagnostics using
Spybot scanner and Malware scanner
Thank you
how do you get these test cd things? such as memtest and goldmemmory that you said? I have near enough the same problem, or the exact same lol
download ubuntu, it comes with a memtest or download ultimate boot cd....
ShoNeH 30 Posts Tuesday October 14, 2008Registration date December 23, 2008 Last seen - Nov 10, 2008 at 02:43 AM
Thank you
maybe your cd wasn't bootable

burn bootable cd (you can make it using nero)
ShoNeH 30 Posts Tuesday October 14, 2008Registration date December 23, 2008 Last seen - Nov 7, 2008 at 09:11 AM
Thank you
when you turn on the computer, pres deete button while you get into BIOS
then in BIOS find somthing like Boot or Boot order and than make the first boot device cd-rom

restart your comp and than it should boot from cd

from than on just follow the instructions

hope you'll make it

let me know
it was always on boot from cd on the first thing, nothing happened though, although im just reading on the Hirens Boot cd site "How to Create Ms-Dos BootCD (Hiren's Bootable CD)? "

so maybe I didnt make the cd proerply?
I have the same problem and even after changing the boot order it isnt booting from the cd rom ;(
rahimhd 2 Posts Tuesday June 8, 2010Registration date September 1, 2010 Last seen - Aug 18, 2010 at 08:20 AM
Thank you
Sometimes faulty hardware will result in BSOD, sometimes bad drivers is the culprit and most of the time it was XP registry was the cause.
How do we fix the BSOD probs? Not so simple but actually not very hard either. Using a couple of prevention measure, we can fix this prob in a jiffy.
First: Do Backup (Macrium Reflect is a good one, free edition available).
2nd: Don't mess your settings (Tweaking XP, OC memory/display/mobo/cpu)
3rd: Do Backup

YES only good backup will help you if you face bad hardware (hdd with bad cluster for example)

For good and handy tools, go grap a copy of Hiren Boot CD (ver 10 I think...) and make a bootable Hiren CD. This will be handy if you want to check and double check your hardware/software.
Thank you
THE GUY WITH THE BROKEN DOWN PC - May 14, 2010 at 04:31 AM
Thank you
In my opinion someone has sent you a virus .it does not harm the computer but it pops up this message not because there is a real fatal error but it is just a really annoying the restarting problem. this virus is a batch file the asshole who has sent it to you has inserted a command that is ordering the batch file to copy it self in startup file

correct it : when you open your pc you have to enter boot menu there you can find an line which sais opening files while booting if you find something strange uncheck it
sarbel.vilo 234 Posts Tuesday November 18, 2008Registration date August 1, 2010 Last seen - Aug 1, 2010 at 10:38 AM
Thank you
actually the best way to solve this problem is to reinstall windows on your pc
Thank you
If the computer restart during creation on of the hard disk, so I want will do