The virus turns my computer off b4 i can do

Austin - Jul 14, 2009 at 05:14 PM
 stase - Sep 10, 2009 at 05:19 AM

What if you Applications folder doesn't have and numbers file in it at all

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Jul 21, 2009 at 08:26 AM
hi i would advise you to start through the safe mode and then immediately make a scan and it will work my dear ;-)
Hi I have the same problem at the moment when i start up my computer it stops at a black screen with white writing that gives me the opportunity to start up in safe mode, normal mode, last known working mode & another one with networking...I have tried all of these & everytime the computer switches itself off then straight back on again & i am faced with the same problem all over again. The computer has turned itself off & restarted itself in the past but i've always been able to get past this stage & have had it up & running. The only difference is that this time before it started not letting me on there seemed to be a virus on it as whenever you went onto the internet & tried to get onto ebay/facebook or any website a red screen came up & was warning me they were all unsafe basically it was trying to get me to buy some sort of virus software stuff from america (was in $) basically my partner has obviously clicked on something he shouldnt & given it a virus that wont let me look at anything but the search page on the internet.....Is my computer broken if so is it fixable what should i do? sorry if i sound a bit thick but I'm not great on the workings of computers x