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guys can anyone help, I have an HP laptop (very old) it had XP installed and it crashed for whatever reason and now I want to re install Windows XP but.. when I click ESC during boot up it shows the boot order as follows 1. Hard Drive, 2 Floopy Disk, 3 CD/DVD Rom and at the bottom it shows ENTER SETUP, when I select ENTER SETUP and press enter it shows ENTER PASSWORD and I don't know what is the password, now my problem is how do I change this boot order? I want to change it so that it first BOOTS from CD/DVD rom, I have tried to use the SPACE BAR, ARROWS UP/DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT,
F1 to F9, NUMBERS etc but it does not change. Any suggestions will be highly welcome. thanks all in advance.

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use f6 and f5 to scroll
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First you put the cd in rom, and restart boot time u press del key, then one blue scree is appear, then go boot sequence and select the your first boot there is show hard disk then u cheanged here which u want first boot.



ok I can go to the boot order no problem but the issue here is how do I change it? what keys to use? I have tried the numbers.. F1 to F9 with no luck. here is the boot sequence 1 hadr drive 2 Floopy disk 3 CD DVD, now I want to change this to 1 CD DVD, 2 Hard Drive, 3 Floopy so that I can install a clean installation (Windows)
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At the time of booting the M/c enter DEL -> go to set up -> Advance -> Boot Priority Set Up - Select first as STD DVD - Press F10 - > Save & Esc - Insert CD - and start your job .. That's it..