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i am having problems putting my latop back to factory settings (( dell inspiron 1545 )) back to factory setting I have tried the thing were you click ctrl and F11 on the start up menue to get to the boot up menu .. and that doesnt work.. HELP !!

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If it has Windows7 hit F8 repeatedly at startup. Select Repair Computer, and then DELL Factory Recovery.
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i tried butt I could not find this option because I formate my disc tell me how I will do this.
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awesome it works with Vista Home Basic too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i need to revise my last answer when you tap F6 to open the directory menu you need to push F8 to open the advanced menu and then it will give you an aray of options this is something the manufacturers do not want you to know and this is how computer techs make all there money feel free to send me an E-MAIL.
but it says you need to log on as a local user...
worked a treat on my inspiron with vista
I have dell inspiron 1545, keep hitting F8 and on menu which appears, select first option which says Rerpair Computer. It will lead you to recovery console and there you can recover to factory swttings. Please note that your data might loose.

It is bit tricky to reset to factory default a Dell Inspiron 6400, Ctrl+F11 or F10 do not work as hot keys, so If you do not have restore disks you can follow the instrustions using recovery partition

here how I twist it

1. Make bootable CD which contains Norton Ghost or other disk image software
2. boot your system using bootable CD with Norton Ghost software, u can use Hiren's CD ISO image. if u dont know about hiren just google it.

2. Once you boot up , open Norton Ghost click LOCAL-> PARTITION->FROM IMAGE

3. now "look in" for "[DellRestore]FAT drive" and select this drive (this is recovery partition)

4. now go to "IMG" folder and select FI.GHO file

5. Click Open and there you go... process started

al good

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thanx for the trick, its working, now my workload is too less because of u, keep doing blog
all you need to do when you start up your computer is tap the F6 and it will open a program in the boot manager to give the option for a factory reset.
I am strugling with the same and I am no computer expert but F12 after turning the comp on got me onto a page which allows me to boot from CD. It seem to work so far. Hope it helped
I discovered that my Sony notebook had the image restore built into the Repair computer boot option. When working on a Dell Inspiron 1440 I found that the old Ctrl+F11 didn't work, but I found that they have the same option as my Sony. So on start up press the F8 key and in the boot option choose "Repair My Computer" and then in the list of options that come up after it boot at the bottom will be the option to use image restore,. Choose that and you should be good to go.
Hope this helps out.

Dear Sir,

You can try restoring the system, you will have to press CTRL and F11 at the same time,

Please check the Dell support website: