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 telaka313 - Jul 8, 2008 at 03:05 PM
Hello to you all,,,
last time i was working on my pc when suddenly i heard strange noise coming from my cpu,when i check it out i found that it comes from my fan.sometime it works but then stop and when it resart to run the noise become more and more louder and as i'm not so good in this chapter can anyone help me please

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Jul 8, 2008 at 09:30 AM
You need to change you fan right away before your cpu got cooked! You can't repair it unfortunately, unless it's just clogged with dust. You might be able find a similar fan for your cpu at your local computer hardware store. That depends on your cpu model. It is best send the whole computer to the shop to check out. You might break something if you are not careful b'cos some cpu fan are particular difficult to remove. The newer cpu fan (Intel Dual-Core and above)comes with the their own heatsink. Most probably you would not find the original. The store might be able to modify a similar fan for your cpu.
Try to get a good but slightly more expensive fan cos' the cheap one don't cool your cpu enough.
Good Luck.
I don't know if the fan is of the CPU or an extra fan ...mine has two fans and the extra one (not on the CPU) stopped last week. I unscrewed it and took it to the computer company. The same fan cost me about US$1 (one). Then replace it on my own.

If that fan is on top of the CPU, I guess you have to take the whole thing to special repairer. The oil between the fan and the CPU dries up. The temperature rose to more than 110 celcius (shown by bios). The repairer got some special (for cooling). Unless you have this special tools (and techniques).....