Nobody can view my facebook profile

 Tauseef -
I've been having the same problem as a few others; nobody can view my profile or comments and now alot of my friends think that I've deleted them.
Apparently, I'm not the only one.
Has anybody reported this problem?
Or figured out how to fix it?

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EVERYBODY LISTEN! I had this same exact problem for almost a month but when I did my research, I found the solution. This is what you need to do:

1. On the top right corner, click the Account tab.

2. Look a little bit down at the options and click Application Settings.

3. On ALL of the quizes you've taken and ALL of the application boxes in your profile (Like, Truth Box, or Sketch me.), YOU MUST DELETE EVERY SINGLE UNWANTED AND USELESS APPLICATIONS BY CLICKING THE SMALL X ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE APPS. It may take a bit of time though if you had a lot like me!

4. Wait about, 2 days. It worked like a charm for me!

Hope this helped!

PS: If this doesn't help, don't waste your time contacting the Admins. They hardly ever reply. Try clearing your temporary files, history, cookies, saved passwords, and web form information. That might help!
Thank you

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Hey there,

I will advise you to contact facebook and explain the problem you are having to them,

i hope they respond to you

Im going to get a facebook on april should I not?
I am having the same issue! I can view my profile page/pics, but noone else can! it's been goin on for days! I have contacted facebook numerous times w/ no reply back!!! so frustrated!!! anyone know how to solve this?????
me too !
i can go on my profile and do whatever but none of my friends can !
they tell me it says my profile unnavailable and all my pictures are unnavailable too!
does anyone know how to fix this ? :(
hope yr problem will be solved there.
So I had the same exact problem for weeks and I swear this worked for me.. just deactivate and reactivate your page and hopefully it will be back to normal... good luck :)
Blocked Profile
Hello all friends having this similar problem over their Facebook profile. The problems that you are having is that there are no one that get to view your Facebook profile or comments. It simply gets to your Privacy Settings.

You should have your Privacy Settings managed correctly.

There are many exceptional Privacy and Security setings that Facebook social network provides to its users, some of it will contain Friend List Management, Profile Privacy settings management, Avoiding Tagging Mishaps, Contact Information Management and Application settings management.

Basically, it should be coming from your Privacy settings. Click on the right corner and select "Privacy Settings". Normally, you should set it upon their "recommended settings" but if you want more privacy you can set it to "Friends of friends" or "Friends only". This is surely the matter for all those having such troubles over their Facebook profile.

In fact, the privacy settings will block your status, photos, posts, basic information, add permissions before having the right to comment on your wall, photos or videos, and many more.

You should remove this extended security settings and set it to "Everyone" if you want to get the matter solved. For those friends who are believing that you are no more on Facebook, it should be that you've changed your "Public Search settings" in such a way you no more appear on the Facebook Search Engine.

For solving such a matter, simply get to "Privacy settings" and then to "Applications , Games and Websites" and change its setings. Edit its setings and check on "Enable Public Search".

Yet, there are many more Privacy settings that Facebook Social Network offers to you and please have more information over these from their official link provided here.

Hope that the information provided to you has been of great help. kind regards.
Similar problem and I tried every thing and I checked my privicy sitting but when I click "preview my profile" none of the information appears, although most of my information are customize for every one but no one can see it, however, my friends can see it.. It really drives me crazy...
Q:-Who can see your friend list on your timeline?
Answer : Go to Friends List -> and click on Edit Button in the top.
People can always see mutual friends and your friends also control who can see their friendships on their own timelines. If people can see your friendship on another timeline, they'll also be able to see it in news feed, search and other places on Facebook.