Acer AM5620-U5210A Won't Boot Up After Crash.

Jen - Aug 3, 2009 at 01:25 AM
 Jen - Aug 3, 2009 at 10:53 AM

My name is Jen and My Acer Aspire Desktop just won't boot up after it crashed.
This is what happened, I turned on my computer and all of a sudden it restarted on it's own then there was 2 options to choose from during the restart, Startup Repair and Start windowns normally. I chose startup repair and it repaired itself. After that it restarted to make sure everything was diagnosed. When my computer done restarting, it was working fine until i opened a file and an error message poped up(forgot the message). It won't let me do anything. My mouse won't move and I tried pressing the enter key but it wasn't on that tab, I also used alt+f4 to try to close it but no use, and ctrl+alt+delete didn't even work. Nothing worked at all, so i decided to manually reboot the computer. After the power was off I turned it back on and it won't boot up at all. When your computer boots up it makes that beep sound. But I dont hear it at all. The light on my power button does not even light up anymore like it always does when it is on. All I have is the bottom right hand corner lighting up (bliniking)every 5-8second saying ASPIRE and all of my fans run for a while and shuts off as I have observed it with the case opened.
Now everytime i hit the power button, all I get is some noise and the fans for my processor and video card run and shuts off. This repeats. I think my computer is trying to boot up, but some components in my computer is burned or does not work or something.
I checked my video card and it looks fine. The processor is hard to take out because the screw is very tight on it and my screws won't fit.
Does anybody know how to fit it or do I really need to replace some parts?
Thanks in advance Jen.

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I would love to restore my computer but the thing is that my computer won't boot up. All it does is trying to boot up but is not booting up. The only thing it does is make some noise and there is nothing on my monitor (No Signal). My monitor is connected to my computer.
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Aug 3, 2009 at 08:16 AM
Hye Sir,

If you are having this kind of problem,

i will advise you to do system restore,

To do System Restore: Press F8 when the Computer starts after bios check, then select Safe Mode,
1.Click Start.
2.Point to All Programs.
3.Point to Accessories.
4.Point to System Tools.
5.Click System Restore.
Choose a date when your computer was working fine, then press Next Let the process to be done then the computer will restart normally.