Sims 3 downloading help [Closed]

 silly pink bunny -
ive had the sims 3 game today and it was downloading fine intil i wanted to play it, it said
'No supported video graphics card dectected. please check you system hardward'

what does that mean?
My computer does have the right pixel and video card

so please help me someone.

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This means that when you start to play it...your computer turns on the graphics card...while it is trying to do this it cannot find the graphics card.....even if you have the right card it doesn't do any good if it cannot find it.... you should go to this site

I know that this tests if you have the requirements for the game and you said that you did...but this site also must test your graphics card therefore it has to find it....if this site cannot find your card then it should tell you what you should do/ how to fix the problem...

i hope I helped.... p.s if this does not work please post agian and i will be happy to find an alternate site for you!!