Cant hear through headphones only speakers [Solved/Closed]

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Lately ive been haveing trouble listening to sounds through my headphones while on my laptop.
Its a toshiba and it has windows vista. Its not the heaphones because I can hear 'windows' sounds because when i click on the volume icon at the bottom left screen i can hear the little noise it makes as i lower and rise the volume. However wehen i go to a site such as youtube, the sound dosent come through my headphones instead through the integrated speakers on the laptop. Smae happens when i open itunes or anyother form of music/sound. Somebody PLEASE help me,this is extremely annoying and i would like to know how to fix it.

Any help is grately appreciated.

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Hello Sir,

All you will have to do is to check your volume settings,

Click on the tiny speaker icon found on your task panel and select mixer

Set all the volumes to high

and also please enter your sound card utility and verify is nothing is on mute there

Thank you

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