Why won't my speakers work? Please help me!!! [Solved/Closed]

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Okay, my speakers are turned on. They are plugged in. I have downloaded jave & adobe.
When I go to my control panel and click sounds, speech, & audio devices, it says that I have no audio device. They are Altec Lansing speakers. Two of them.
I've tried to find free sound card downloads and I can't seem to figure them out.
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Try this, it worked for me! Click on the START menu and then click Control Panel. Then click on Add Hardware. Click Next and then wait for wizard to finish its searching for hardware. Click on Yes, I have already connected the hardware then click Next. Scroll down and click on Add a new hardware device and then click Next. Click on Search for and install the hardware automatically (Recommended) then click Next. It will ask you if you know the specific hardware model, just click Next. Scroll down and click on Sound, Video and Game Controllers then click Next. In the box under Manufacturer click on (standard system devices), and in the box under Model, click on Audio Codecs then click Next. To start installing your hardware click Next. After its all done click the Finish button. Hope this helps you. Good luck!

Thank you, bobby 43

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speakers won't work. Got new computer different speakers worked on it and now I have my speakers hooked up to the same computer and they won't work but different speakers worked on it
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Thank you
Thanks Alot!
I got it to work last night, After trying to find stuff to download for 2 dayS!
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can someone send me the link 2?
Sir Cleo MVP - Apr 26, 2010 at 09:44 PM
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Follow these steps and bingo!!!!!!!!
1. Make sure you are connected to internet
2. Go to start, then go to CONTROL PANEL
3. Click on Sound, Speech and audio devices
4. Click on troobleshooting
5. Click on icon with an orange question mark
6. Click on Device manager then install, be patient thou!!!

THEN BINGO, YOU GOT!! Let me know if you need more help. My email is there