Acer laptop broke


I have a Acer Laptop and I wanted to do system recovery, I got told to press ALT+F10 and something came up this is what it said,

edit windows boot options for: Acer eRecovery

Path: \windows\system32\boot\winload.exe

Partition: 1

Hard Disk: a93d1a0d


I press enter and it loads up then says, Please Wait, then it says Other User, I press it, then it says User Name Password, what I do

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Hello Sir,

Normally to recover your computer you should use the Recovery Disc you got along with your laptop or the recovery partition.

When you press ALT+F10 select the location where you want to boot the recovery option either on the Disc or the partition

It's so important to keep the recovery disk with you and not to lose it

The problem is I got it second hand with no disc, what do I do now?