My msn has gone blank and wont let me sign in

 rafik -
i had to log out and close my msn for a sec but when i went to log back in in went completely blank to a grey colour.. i can still open it but its just blank.. how can i fix this.. please help!!
thankyou xx

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Hye there,

When this happens, it just means that Windows Live Messenger freezed and isn't responding,

All you must do, is to force the program to close,

Press CTRL + ALT + Del buttons at the same time

Select Task Manager,

Click on Processes,

Select msnmsgr.exe and click on End Process,

You will notice that the program will be totally closed and you will have to run it again from the start menu or the any Windows Live Messenger shortcut!

Thank you

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omg thanks soo much! i had this problem for a couple days and it was driving me nuts!!
i tried that but it still doesn't work