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Hello,I have been using quickbooks forever, and all of a sudden, with no change in software, QB stopped allowing me to export documents to excel. Has anyone encountered this and found a solution?

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I am having the same problem. I have been using the export to Excel for years, now it says "could not open the data file" Is this what happened to you? Did you ever get this problem resolved? If so what was the fix?

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I am trying to set up an excel file for import into Quickbooks. Which columns do I use for the customers' billing address? For example, should the "State" and "zip code" be in separate columns, or all together under "Billing address 1"

What version of quickbooks are you using?
I could perhaps knock together something in excel which maybe of benefit if enough people are having the same problem?


I've been having this problem too. My solution, which is not great, is to do the following:

a) click the "Excel" icon to export
b) click on the create .csv (comma delimetered file) and then click EXPORT
c) Choose print to FILE
d) From the drop down menu choose "comma delimetered file" (instead of ASCII)
e) click on print
f) choose a filename (i.e. write to desktop)
g) then open that filename from the desktop by double clicking on it - it will open in excel automatically.

It's a step in the right directions,