HP TX1000 - Black Screen.

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Hi all,
I bought this year old tx1000 from a friend just few days ago. He was leaving canada so got from him a little cheap. I enjoyed using it till evening and when I tried to switch it on in the night, it just doesn't do anything except black screen. It uses Windows Vista.
It seems like when I press the power button, it reads from CD, lits all lights, that's how computers do usually while booting, but then does nothing else. I have got no warranty, nothing with me to claim anything from HP or anyone.
I tried to take out HD and placed it back, tried taking out RAM (both pieces of 1 GB each, using only one and shuffling them up in two slots) and also pressed ALT+F10 while start up but ................. I would appreciate if anyone can help please.

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Try this video.
I guess that's happening to all of us with the TX1000s.


Raul D.
Thank you

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hi there,

to get more help on this issue

use link below from official Microsoft website:


Hi fea_ture,
Thanks for your reply. Though my question was for Windows Vista and your recommended KB article https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/windows?ui=en-US&rs=en-001&ad=US pertains to Windows XP, the same could have been helpful but even when I try to start the laptop in safe mode (presseing F8 or whatsoever), it doesn't bring anything on the screen. It said "operating system not found" yesterday for a few times but now it doesn't do anything after its powered on. The only thing I see after the start is that it checks CD drive and keeps all the LEDs on all the time until i power it off.

Thanks again,