Xbox 360 network trouble

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I can't figure out why my xbox 360 can't connect to the network through my router. I've tried every thing and nothing works. When I test my connection it says the problem is inbetween my xbox and the network. I have an Ethernet cable witch is connected to my router witch in turn is pluged into the wall. and a con't figure out whats keeping my xbox from connecting. HELP ME PLEASE!

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Sep 7, 2009 at 09:54 AM
hi there,

did you change the lan connection cable?

was it working before or its first usage?

what was the last action done before this happen?

please provide more information

I have the same issue and it just started very recently (within the last week). The last time I used the console i had no issues connecting to xbox live, now the router doesn't even recognize that the xbox is connected (wired) yet i can connect my laptop, etc with no issue. I have tested a number of different network cables, rebooted the router, blah, blah, luck.

I am interested if your connection issue just started out of the blue?
Having the same problem, thought it might be a Windows 7 issue as i have just upgraded but i have friends on Vista & xp with the same issue. Tried everything to fix it!
I am having the same trouble. Mine started after I tried to use a dlink network adapter for wireless internet. I also tried to bridge my laptop and use it. I thought that might of caused the problem, dont know.,

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hey your etheir net in the back of your xbox is bad go wireless only way to fix