Windows services stop automaticily

 Paul -
I m deepak.
how can I solve the problem which is that the windows services stop automaticily. whenever I want to access other computers than every time I got a message that this ip is not accissable, plez find the correct network path.
after that I open the services nd restart the some servics like rpc, server, workstation nd etc. than I have access the other computer.
so this is daily problem whichis I have face so plez help me for solving this problem.


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hi there,

try this:

1. Go to Administrative Tools - Services

2. Right Click "Computer Browser" then Properties

3. Click on the Recovery tab, set the following:

First Failure = Restart the the Service

Second Failure = Restart the the Service

Subsequent Failures = Restart the the Service

Reset Fail count After = 120
Restart Service after = 0

4. Click Ok

Thank you

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Thanks a lot for the solution

Thanks Dude This is very helpful for me
are bhai tari pan stop hot aahe service kay karu bhau ?
really nice solution many many thanx!!
Excellent Thank you