SATA drive to IDE motherboard

Shaw - Jul 22, 2008 at 12:39 PM
 1337ninjer - Jun 21, 2009 at 03:23 PM
I have an IDE motherboard. I am trying to add a third drive on the secondary IDE. I have two drives on the Primary IDE. My intention is to copy the data from my Primary IDE hard drive to this new SATA Seagate hard drive and make it my boot drive. At this point, I am trying to copy the data from the primary master drive to the sata drive on the secondary ide port but the sata drive is not coming up in BIOS. I do not see any options to enable a SATA drive. I dont know if I need a driver or not. I am using an adapter to connect the sata drive to the IDE port (obviously). Any help appreciated.

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Ive never had a new sata drive detected by bios or the OS. But this is what I do:
With the pc off, unplug the ide hard drives, plug in your sata (with the adapter to ide if necessary) to primary ide. start, open bios, set the pc to boot from the optical drive. save, restart. Insert OS disk into optical, boot from it, install the os (even if the OS disk is invalid, not genuine, etc.). when the os is installed on the sata and windows desktop shows up, select to turn off. reconfigure your system (add ide's + place sata on the desired channel - preferrably one that the pc wont try to boot from), start, set bios back to the way it was prior (boot from primary ide). save, exit, restart. This should boot from your original ide OS, then open "my computer" and "format" the sata drive completely erasing the temporary recently installed OS. This drive will then be readable and empty for storage.

*note* if you have a motherboard thats a bit goofy (like mine), when trying to restart on the original OS after disconnecting and connecting the drives, It may stop during the preliminary checks and give a "no N*** file detected" (cant remember the 4 letters). If this happens. turn off. Disconnect every drive except the original ide OS drive. Restart. After windows comes up, shut down. Plug in the next ide hard drive to that cable. Restart, get windows up and shut down. You will be adding 1 hard drive at a time, on each restart until you have them all installed.
my mobo is IDE and im trying to connect a sata2 hard drive which the sales guy and the tech service guy told me will work. Well Im no genius but it doesnt seem to want to work.
I am using via6421 card which is a sata card and It's hooked up to sata2 hard drive which I can not get to work :(
The sata to ide adapter is in place connected to the hd, the other cable that runs from mobo to ide hd is running to the sata card and the sata cable is running from sata card to the hd.
if your motherboard is an older model and the hdd is new then try moving the jumpers to the far left two pins to limit data transfer to 1.5 gig/sec. older 1.5 gb/sec motherboards will have trouble seeing the drive or lock up due to some older models not supporting automatic speed detection according to seagate.
I had the same problem. I bought this converter from SATA cables and after plugged everything, the motherboard sees it and it completely functional. In the advance BIO, you have to change the first boot drive to CD room.
Not sure if you ever resolved this but try resetting factory settings in bios, after that all drives should show up. Cheers.