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What to do when changing motherboard and processor?

Good evening,   In a few days I'm going to change my motherboard and processor (the ram too) and I wanted to know what things I'll have to do to make ...

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Pc wont turn on. fans spin loud.


Hello everyone. Im new to this forum so I hope you can help me with my problem. Today I was playing some warthunder when suddenly my pc just turned of...

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Itx motherboard lights on but no cpu spin

Hello, First time poster here. I have an Asrock X570 ITX phantom gaming board that I don't know for sure if it works. I've tried to test the board us...

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3 beeps noboot. new ram, please help

Hi. my pc makes 3 beeps and the wont boot up or show any display. I removed the rams and replaced them with new ones.  I cleaned the ram slots. I trie...

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Which cards are comaptible?

Hey, I want to buy a new card to play rust. But I'm not big computer geek and I don't want to go outside to ask bout this one So if anyone knows pl...

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Motherboard failure

I changed a Motherboard of a Pentium 4 tower type Desktop, and I used it throughout a day and I shut it down, unplugged it from the socket and left, r...

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Dell optiplex 3020 no display signal

Hello, my Dell optiplex 3020 is powering on and all the fans work but it doesn't show anything on monitor, I tried couple of cmos resetting methods, c...

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David Webb  

Where is the least safe places to hide precious items?

I don’t have many precious things but I would be devastated if they were taken as they hold great sentimental value. I assume thieves know all the usu...

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David Webb  

Computer startup issues

Hello, So I have an IBUY Power PC, and ever since I bought it I’ve been noticing that windows randomly crashes every now and then. Just now, I’m u...

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My pc is turning on if i make shutdown it's not powering on

Hello, Hi I have a pc if I switching on in the morning it's turning on but if I make shut it won't turning on untill tommorow mrng.. If I make res...

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David Webb  

System unit's fan runs noisy when i kept my graphics card inside and no display

Hello, When I kept my Amd hd5700 graphics card inside, the fan started running faster and noisy and there is no display Can you please help me?

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David Webb  

Quelle processeur prendre

bonjour j'ai un i5 4700k avec une carte graphique gtx de 1650 et une carte mere asus gameur je voudrai savoir quelle prosesseur prendre avec une c...

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Run bios setup

How to run setup for H61H2-TI v. 2.15 when ask to press F1 or Del to get password?

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Monitor not showing booting.

I just built my first gaming desktop. I've put all the parts in the right places (at least I believe so) powered it up, fans run, ram w/RGB lights lig...

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David Webb  

Asrock h61de/s3 not responding

Hello, I have an Asrock Motherboard that at first did not want to run my windows drive. So I tried to use a USB flash drive to create new windows driv...

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David Webb  


Hello,can someone tell me a motherboard compatible with a geforce gtx 1050ti cerbeus and a intel i5 7400,i bought this pc and the motherboard isnt com...

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Help ! besoin d’informations carte réseau / connecion internet depuis un pc

Question : J’ai monté mon PC hier et j’ai installé Linux dessus, tout s’est très bien passé mais quand j’ai voulu le connecter au wifi, un message me ...

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One of my pc components just burned.

So I have a Z840 tower workstation and yesterday for some unknown reason it just froze in the middle of some rendering job i was doing. I had to cut t...

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What causes mouse, keyboard, & monitor not to come on?

mouse, keyboard, & monitor not to come on?

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My motherboard dh61ho beeps after several days ram error beep

I have issues with my board it beepes three times likely ram error but i clean my board so much after opening all components and after 1 days it beeps...

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System restart

Was wondering any tech GURU here may be of assistance would really appreciate it very very much and thank you to those who respond. I'm currently f...

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Dell latitude e6520 laptop bios reset


I have Dell latitude E6520 laptop buh I forgot my bios password, is there any way I can clear cz I can not access anything even can't go to setting

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One ram slot not working?


Hey there, I am using a quite old MSI 740GTM -P25 Motherboard with an AMD Phenom 2 X2 555, 4 Gigs of RAM. Here's my problem. When I place both...

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How to reset bios on my toshiba satellite c50-a483?

Hi, Can you help me to reset Bios (jumper) on my Toshiba Satellite c50-a483?

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Sense into motherboard

Hello, today I rebuilt my pc and put my sense psu cable into my cpu socket on my motherboard. Now my pc turns on but won’t display anything on my moni...

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Brand new pc build won’t boot

I just got all my components to build my new PC today. I’ve assembled everything and tried multiple different things in order to try to get it to boot...

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Power turn off automatic

Hello, my desktop auto turn off with 5 minutes. what is issue and how to solve?

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New motherboard prices

hello everyone, my hand on motherboards about im not sure processing whether. decision give i was, new product (motherboard) receiving im. however, an...

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No display after new motherboard installed

Hello, I recently bought a new motherboard MSI Z7S krait and when I installed it my computer does not seem to be working. -no display -power ...

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Beeps 3 times but ram works

Hello, I recently bought new components for my pc and this isn't my first time building a pc, i know some stuff about PCs and when a PC beeps three ti...

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Boot failure

Hey all, MSI B350 Motherboard Ryzen 5 CPU GTX 1060x GPU 2x Geil Potenza 16 gb RAM I'm a novice to this, so bear with me. My rig has been runn...

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Monitor and video card

hello, me some issues living i computer by. another pc case motherboard on graphic driver no. so, motherboard in incomplete material have. (graphic dr...

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'without memory' with memory...

Hello friends. I am just finishing my first PC/ server build and when I boot up I get 3 beeps which, I believe, is telling me I am 'without memory'...

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Is gtx 1050ti compatible with a asrock h81m-dgs

Hi I'm new to pc gaming and pc's in general, i need help on knowing is a gtx 1050ti compatible with a Asrock H81M-DGS R2.0 Intel H81 LGA 1150 (Socket ...

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What metal are motheboard bus made of

Hi, Bus on mother board are med of which metal? Thnks

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Audio issue's with new motherboard

I've recently upgraded to the Ryzen 5 1400, I had to get a new motherboard and ddr4 ram in order to use CPU. The build went fine and i was sure every...

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Keyboard not responding

I have installed a new motherboard, but the keyboard does not respond. F1 will not respond to continue the setup to go to the boot menu to boot from t...

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No signal

Okay, I had a short circuit and it made my computer turn on and off over and over again. So I changed the wall connections. Now the computer turns on ...

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No port are working

Hello, All usb ports and vga port are not working but the cpu is working and all fans are working please tell me how to fix it System Configura...

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Cpu doesn't work

Hello, my cpu doesnt doesn't start work on pressing start button but it's mouse is receving electricity when we plug in plug board please help ...

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Bbq10 motherboards

I have bbq10 snq100-1. That micro usb broke, tried to fix myself long story short I burnt that motherboard. I got an RFN81Uw motherboard but I don't k...

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New rig powers on but no ports workin(no display,keyboard,mouse)

Mobo- Asus a320m (am4) CPU - ryzen 3 1200 GPU - Rx 560 Psu - Corsair vs450 Ram - crucial 2133mhz 8gb CPU fan turns on GPU light turns on No ...

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Computer “crashes” after 30 seconds of being on

Hello, wasn’t to sure if this is the right spot but here goes nothing, I play a lot of pc games and the other night mid game my computer crashed if yo...

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Lan port problem

I have a broadband connection that is directly connected to th Wi-Fi router. When I'm connecting to my PC with cable from the router, after connecting...

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Pc case running wont

Hello, power button to pressing im recurrent like. however any voice, light no. so, pc opening dont.

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Computer turns on automatically with no display

My computer turns on automatically when i connect it to the power source, i mean i dont have to press power button its start up when i connect it to p...

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Hp computer turn off while turning on

Hello, my name is Lavocious my hp laptop just went off trying putting it on , it can't not turn on System Configuration: Windows / Chrome 61.0...

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Computer display black only or very dim light

when i start the computer disply black only or very dim light what can i do please suggest

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Toshiba laptop power for only 8 seconds, no display

I was working with my laptop when i realised that the AC adapter is detached and i attached it back and immediately i did that, the laptop tripped off...

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Power through computer nothing is responding

Hello, So I've had this computer for about 3 years now, it wasn't until this year my computer has been showing it's age. For about a month my comp...

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