Cs 1.6 masterserver problem [Closed]

 gardheere2 -
i just downloaded cs 1.6 and I tried to connect to the internet and message comes up cannot connect to masterserver what do I do

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download this ... go to C:/program files /cstrike / platform / config /

replace the existing masterserver.vdf with this one . enjoy
Thank you

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hi there,

you must try later

as the server may be busy

by too much users connected to it

The latency is around 250 or s,Its very high.
So what I should do to reduce it!
Just follow these steps:

*1. Go to this site http://css.setti.info/code/masterserver/

*2. Save that file "MasterServers.vdf" where you want

*3. After you saved it, copy and paste to this directory "Counter Strike

*4.if you can find Platform folder and you are using CS non steam go to cstrike_lv folder then you should find Platform folder, then go to config folder and paste the masterServer.vdf file, if it asks you to replace "select Yes... aftet that you should be able to play and joing over 1000 server....

*5. ENJOY!
go to google and download the file masterserver.vdf then copy the file in cs1.6/platform/config