I am not able to play counter strike online [Solved/Closed]

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I am using my mobile to connect to the internet. My ISP is IDEA. But when I start my counter strike 1.6 non-steam a message "COULD NOT CONNECT TO THE MASTER SERVER TO GET THE SERVER LIST IN THE INTERNET OPTION" is displayed. Please help me out in playing this game online.....
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This is simple Question.
1.First go to Garena , register there. (its free) download client . open client user password.
2. Now from garena go to CS on the left side button .
3. click International->go to indian room
4. now click start button . before that it will ask for the exe show it to the path like
c:\Program file\Counter strike 1.6\cstrike.exe
5. now click on start game.
6. when cs will start then press ' this button over tab button.
7. another screen will come now type slist
8. all computer ip will come copy any one
9. type connect <ip address>
10. game will start
11. enjoy
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hey wen I select the option for playing cs online using steam, steam opens and says checking for updates and then it shuts down any ideas on wat I should do?thanks
have u played cs using garena
hey when I enter slist, it says "searching for servers" and nothing shows up!
Here is one more method to play counter strike online : visit http://www.comp-psyche.com/2014/06/how-to-play-counter-strike-online.html
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Yeah, I hav already shut off my windows firewall, and it still says "COULD NOT CONNECT TO THE MASTER SERVER TO GET THE SERVER LIST. So wat do I do now???
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go to isearch-games.blogspot.com to download cs with steam version after installation you won't need to install steam
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Go to www.shahzeem.blogspot.com and From here go to Counter Strike section and Download the new version of Counter Strike For free and Full .
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I cant "login" I downloaded CS Online and when I try to play it it says I gotta online....i put my steam ID AND profile name but nothing worked o.O what do I do?!?!?!
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lol to connect to server take any ip from internet of cs
1. open cs
2. press console(~)
3. one box will open
4. type there " connect"
5. here we go enjoy this server
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U need to download serverfix to fix this...dowoad it and install it in your game directory
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That's wat happnd ta me too wen I played at fisrt..its not a prob...just refresh all. if it doesnt work go to spectate and refresh all...if it doesnt work then keep it up until it woks...coz it worked for me