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Well I just got this brand new computer from Best Buy "Hp Pavillion Slimelime s5220y PC" Well I want to play CounterStrike 1.6 on it I downloaded it and everything. But when the screen was loading it was just the man with the guy it doesn't show (New Game) (Find Server) (Options) (Quit Game) It's really frustrating me because I overlapse these and it just does the little click noise but it doesn't seem to be working correctly I reinstalled Counterstrike 1.6 twice please help me!

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1. Open Steam
2. Log in
3. Go to the Library tab
4. Select Games
5. Right click on Counter-Strike 1.6
6. Under the General tab select 'Set Launch Options"
7. Type "-d3d" in the box without the quotes and click OK
It worked for me, hopefully it'll work for you
Thank you

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what is steam man
Hello, I did what you say but at step 5 it only show the CS icon? Any Help?
if you have cracked it won't go ;?
m game is working but there are no enemies to shoot or anything
my cs is non steam and having the same problem
please I need help for that
If you right click the game in Library and select properties > local files tab > verify integrity of game cache. It should fail to verify and reinstall the failed parts.
i do and working but graphic is bad
when I select opengl cs odnt work please help me