Computer Power on but doesn't boot

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Sunday October 4, 2009
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October 5, 2009
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My MB is intel D101GGC, it stop suddenly when I working and it doesn't boots.
I opened and check inside, the MB green color power lite is on. I noticed my Processor and SMPS FANs were not working.
I thought some section of power is failure in SMPS, and I replaced with new SMPS. But the problem is still same.

I did some checks, when I removed 12V power(2x2) from MB, the Processor and SMPS Fans stars working.
kindly help me in this.

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Dear Sir,

It might be sourcing from the fact that specific components are not receiving any power supply.

It could be a hardware problem and hence I would be advising you to contact a computer technician

for looking in the matter clearer.

Thanks in advance.