Computer won't boot unless CMOS is Reset

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My CPU was working fine until the other day when I installed a TV/Tuner card, powered on, and installed some drivers for it. When I first put the card in and turned the system on there was a brief message on the post screen which said something about checking CMOS changes, I didn't catch it all. But upon restarting the system it would not post even though it had power, fans running, etc. No signal to the monitor at all.

After resetting the CMOS switch the computer boots. I since removed the card and drivers, but every time I restart, or power down, it won't post and start again until the CMOS is reset.

Any help for what is happening or how to fix it is greatly appreciated!

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hi there,

change the rtc battery(bios)

Thank you

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same issue living im. already battery changed im long time ago. conclusion again before like. so, recent once see was i. properly opening wont pc.
closeup22 is right, CR2032 battery on the motherboard, the symtoms you describe are classic, they last about 2-2.5 years max.
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Hey I have similar problem
i dont have any tv tuner card
i am not able boot my pc
i need more info on POST, CMOS, Motherboard troubleshoot

I have the user guide of the motherboard and trying out