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hi can anyone help me with this issue, i once download anti-virus rootkit from the net, and applied it to my vista os , now i am not able to use my vs os cos it loads up and then when it comes to the password screen the system is frozen and i have to restart to use my xp os instead. while i was workin on vista it said that os was not registered and kept prompting me for quite some time , kindly advice as i have not been using my vista os for a really long time. Do note i have xp & vs as my os and they both share most of the files music etc. And also i dont have the the vista os cd cause it was installed by my friend from his vista os cd. so i dont have a backup startup os cd as well for either of my os.

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well the easiest thing to do would be is to ask your mate for the disk if you can back up the files (and if its a pc you can take out the hard drive add it to another pc then copy the contents to a different drive then put it on there) then put the disk in and re install it and delete whats on the drive then repartion it and re install vista. so basicaly in a few words your pc is screwed and you need to start again
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