My computer will not wake from hibernate mode

 Pam -
Hi, last night my dear husband was looking on the internet at cars (as usual) and while I was in the shower he managed to put our HP zd7030us laptop into hibernate mode. I have done everything to make it wake up and NOTHING. There are no lights on the front and when I press the power button the icon on the front blinks but no other lights are on. It looks like it is dead. Ha
He is not familiar with a computer but knows how to look at sites that have cars on them so it has never been a problem for him to open what he is used to and then shut down the computer but last night he had to hit the hibernate button but does not know what he did.
I have removed the battery, held the power button and read online for any help I can get but nothing works. What can I do? HELP anyone.Thanks so much.

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I don't think it's in hibernation. I would try this trick:
  • Disconnect the power cord and pull out the battery.
  • Then press down the power button for a least 30 seconds.
  • Then reinsert the battery and reconnect the power cord and start the laptop normally.

This "hard reset" might fix your problem.

Good Luck
Thank you

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Thanks for the tip. It worked perfectly. I was beginning to despair and thought I might have something seriously wrong with my computer. Thank you!! Thank you! Thank you!

It works like magic.
But it did not work when I took the battery out.
I Inserted the battery back and and unplugged the charger. Held the power bottom for 30 seconds and it work perfectly.
Thank you it worked on my husbands computer.
Thank you very much!
Thank you! Just happened to me this morning.

This is all related to battery power. Likely the laptop went into hibernation mode when it reached critical battery power. If you fall asleep you won't notice anything unusual! But the computer went to sleep in a certain 'state'. Before messing with battery and hard drives charge the laptop up fully, then in same 'state' i.e. on battery power (now full), sticks in (if they were), and wireless on/off, etc. If laptop in same state as it was when it stopped working it should start up again ok.
I had the same problem. I was looking at my child and accidentally hit the hibernation mode. I thought I really done a number on it. After seeing some of the post on here I just knew I would never get it started back up. I read several hints on here and put a couple together. I'd just like to say thank you for the post being here for me to read (AND UNLIKE SOME SITES I DID NOT HAVE TO HAVE MY VISA ON HAND) I would like to share experience so maybe I can help someone like the people on this site helped me! Again thank you!

I took the battery out, unplugged the ac adapter and also unplugged the adapter from the wall, pressed down the power button and counted to fifteen, left the battery out, after ten minutes I plugged the ac adapter back into the wall and computer (leaving the battery out), as soon as I hit the power it came back on! It did shut down and restart. After the computer completely rebooted I put the battery back in and unplugged ac adapter from the computer. No problems since!

Thank you to everyone on this site. This site and all of you R totally are awesome!!!!
thats xactly what mine is doing been a great note book 4 5 years never had a problem just need 2 know if I need a cord or battery im gonna lazarus it and hope it works thanx
Try those steip again but don't insert the battery yet. Try to run it using the power adapter first.
I didn't notice that laptop shutdown had failed. Battery ran down, computer beeped furiously and would not re-start. Succeeded with this "very hard reset" i.e. remove battery and re-start on power without battery. Then switch all off, replace battery and resume. Very grateful for help.