What is the last mission on GTA Vice City? [Solved/Closed]

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What is the last mission on GTA Vice City For PS2?

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the misson is keep your friend close in that misson you have to kill lance and sonny
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you will get it on this video from you tube:


keep your friend close
You need to have completed at least 5 assets and have them earning you money. One of them must be the print works. And you have to have completed Copland, the last mission from the mansion.

Then you'll get the call to go to the print works.

You need to have completed the print works (Hit the Courier) & Copland because Lance appears in the cut scenes for those two and you can't have him appearing after you've done Keep your Friends Close
first you have to open up to 5 assets in vice city after opening 5 asset you have the mission "keep" your friend close. i think this is answer
keep your freind
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